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  • It's not only the threat of war they take into consideration but climate issues and other stuff like the rise of AI, Deep Fakes, Disease (covid) etc which all have an impact on behaviours and mental state that can then contribute to the state of war.

    AI has been compared by many to be the same level of threat to humanity as a Nuclear Weapons.

  • OB

    This atomic clock has been around since 1947, it is used as that link states by numerous sources.

    Nothing embarrassing about it, it exists and is listened to. As it's not an actual clock it's NOT going to run out of seconds, if we get to that point then it really is likely to be too late.

    Like lots of things in the world it's had to evolve which is why it now takes in more than the original nuclear warfare. If it's something you dislike that's absolutely fine, but there are people and governments out there it seems feel different.

    I posted it as a post of interest, a discussion point and until I read up a little I had no idea what it really was.

    Do unto others as they would do unto you, then plead temporary insanitary 😂. :saint:

  • The doomsday clock was started solely for the fears of the nuclear threat, and q rightly so when in '47 nukes were VERY new, and for the first time more than one country had them, and the two most powerful were bitter rivals and later enemies.

    In comparison 'oh no the climate might cause more bad weather in a few decades' or 'oh no we might get a second pandemic' are insultingly lame 'doom' possibilities. If Putin gets sick of being humiliated and starts lobbing nukes around, ok yes then you can push your weenie clock forward.

  • I saw today that the Doomsday clock is the closest it has ever been to midnight, in fact it's 60 seconds to midnight. This is due I believe to Ukraine, Israel and climate change.

    The doomsday clock is assessed by who???

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  • Ah-ha, trust the science.

    Where have I heard that before…🤔

    Your sounding you usual conspiratorial self, but before you pass judgement based on characterisation read what it is and why it was created.

    Do unto others as they would do unto you, then plead temporary insanitary 😂. :saint:

  • I have to say that I generally like to think I keep myself reasonably well informed and retain a natural curiosity about the world and things in general. But having said that I have never previously heard of the Doomsday clock so question their proclamation of being (see quote below)

    "The Doomsday Clock is many things all at once: It’s a metaphor, it’s a logo, it’s a brand, and it’s one of the most recognizable symbols in the past 100 years. It has permeated not only the media landscape but also culture itself. The Doomsday Clock appears in novels by Stephen King and Piers Anthony, songs by The Who and the Clash, and comics like Watchmen and Stormwatch."

    I have never read a Steven King novel but have watched one of the movies based on one of his novels (Christine - about a '57 Chevy possessed by the devil). I have no clue who Piers Antony is (I will put that right soon). I have never studied the lyrics of the Who or the Clash and even if I had I may never have noticed the reference, many songs are based or inspired by historical events but it is not always obvious until somebody tells you. I have never heard of the Watchmen or Stormwatch comics.

    I am going to say this bunch are overblowing their importance to the world.

    I have never seen this symbol before even though they claim it is Internationally Recognised... (I work in the Science and Engineering sector and have done my whole working life)


    If I were to put this lot to a political bias test I already know where they would land.

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  • Politics tends to creep into everything but to suggest we should not believe in anything scientific anymore is ridiculous

    Did I say that?

    Scientific research still exists, the laws of physics still exist, the laws of biology still exist, the laws of chemistry still exist, the laws of nature still exist.

    But politics colours science and science is no longer pure.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Norra,

    Last night caught the tale end of BBC news Hard talk, on it was a guy by the name of Stephen CAVE iirc, you might actually have agreed with this guy. I believe he is a philosopher but don't quote me, regardless what he says is right up your street.

    HARDtalk - Stephen Cave - Philosopher
    Stephen Sackur speaks to philosopher Stephen Cave.

    Do unto others as they would do unto you, then plead temporary insanitary 😂. :saint:

  • I saw that guy. Like all 'philosophers' (modern definition - academic smartarse who does no real useful work), he's smug, arrogant, thinks he's better than everyone else because he studies 'wise men' of the past, and offers nothing of any genuine value or substance. It's not in any way a 'science'.

    'Philosophy' = horrible waste of research money which could be diverted to REAL science. Those interested should do it as a self-funded hobby.

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