The Endless thread

  • I'm off to make spagbol. I have twisted a muscle in my lower back making the bed and so I am unable to walk without a stick and can't bend, can't stand and am in agony, so I may have to call for help from the man in the workshop. 8)

    Found my Icelandic grandma's old stick. Got a nick in it from when she clobbered a green mamba in about the 1930s. Mr Wing glued it back and tied some tape round it while it sets. The dog is worried about me. Knows something is wrong. Keeps staring at me. Animals are so perceptive. Even the parrots gave me curious looks when I hobbled over to feed them this morning. ^^

    Have you tried soaking in a hot bath, and regular doses of pain killers

    You need to get the strained muscle to relax

    A Hand Up Not A Hand Out

  • Get well soon too LW from me. Awful when the back goes. I have daily back issues due to the things I have to do each day. It's one thing lifting something heavy all the time, its something quite different when what you're lifting doesn't want to move...

    Glad the green mamba was from the 30s and not more recent... you do get lots of critters where you are.=O:)

    Enjoy the spagbol.:)

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