BBC man becomes Downing Street PR boss. Is he the full guy?

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  • The head of the BBC's Westminster political programmes team has been named as Prime Minister Theresa May's new director of communications.

    Robbie Gibb, who edits the Daily Politics, replaces Katie Perrior, who quit before the general election.

    He worked for the Conservative MP Francis Maude in the 1990s, as well as Michael Portillo.

    BBC man gets No 10 job.


    This is one of those stories which illustrates why politics and media are so intertwined and one of the reasons for setting this site up as there has always been a small clique of people in London and they all move between the same jobs, ie: media to politics, politics to media, business to politics, business to media etc etc. Anyway, enough of that, that can be for a future thread.

    On the This Week last night, Michael Portillo, whom this person once worked for, speculated that he is Theresa'a May sacrificial lamb when things start getting hot for her. Is he right?

    The previous PR boss left just before the election. A very strange time to leave and as Portillo notes, "like rats leaving a sinking ship." So, if the ship is sinking and someone does eventually put the knife into Theresa May as I believe that they will, why join a sinking ship?

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