Theresa May asks Jeremy Corbyn to help deliver Brexit and support her policies amid Tory leadership plots

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  • Theresa May will ask Jeremy Corbyn for his support in delivering Brexit and pushing through legislation as she faces up to the “reality I now face as Prime Minister”.

    Mrs May will on Tuesday make a direct appeal to opposition parties to “contribute, not just criticise” and help “clarify and improve” her policies in the Commons instead of undermining them.

    It comes at a time Mrs May's leadership is at its weakest, amid open calls by Tory MPs for her to stand down following her failure to secure a majority at the election.

    Her comments are likely to spark fear among pro-Brexit Conservatives that Mrs May is willing to compromise on their ambition for a hard Brexit.…-brexit-support-policies/

    Well, well, well. I didn't really expect this but said ages ago that some sort of ' coalition agreement' to get Brexit through with the best deal for the good of the nation would be a good idea.

    But now comes the hard bit, agreeing on the best deal for the nation.

    If Corbyn is sensible and doesn't ask too much and they do get a good agreement, he could come out of this looking like a statesman.

    And who would have thought a few months ago that that could ever happen ?