Trolling is destroying social media

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  • Adam Boulton has done a little piece on SkyNews about the increasing violence and threats that face politicians, people in the public eye and has also, thankfully, mentioned the fact that trolling has destroyed social media. Thank you, Adam. One could add online bullying, apart from real time bullying, targeted hatred, terrorism without a rational cause and adult delinquency to the list. One could blame all this on the collapse of traditional standards, values and a general misunderstanding of the concept of liberty.

    This is a very important issue. I expect a stony silence to accompany this post as few give a damn and many would have their egos and their internet existence curtailed if they were to behave themselves, but it is chasing people away from one another and away from solving problems by confronting them because that raises a red flag to every deranged headcase and bored couch potato on earth to come and do battle with people unknown and unconnected. The problem has been severe for a long time and now that politicians are being affected by it, I hope something may be done about it that bears in mind the liberty of individuals, not to do whatever they like but to be free to exist without violent and abusive nobodies harassing and hurting and now often killing them whenever they see an opportunity.

    Again, thanks Adam Boulton. It's important to draw attention to asocial diseases and this is a very serious one and it's spreading and no one is really doing anything about it. The media and the entertainment industry are actually encouraging it. There are many dead people and frightened people and bullied people to prove it. Its not funny, it's not clever and it will result in a catastrophic failure of control and security for the average individual if something isn't done to bring society back to its senses. Soon.…its-time-to-stop-10949121

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  • I've not seen the report, so I make my comments based on your comments LW.

    If people are developing some kind of new disease, a mental disorder as a result of social media which leads them to bad behaviour, then I agree with you. I think in part, this may be true, but I would've give too much weight to it, I think, at least not yet.

    What I would give weight to is what you said earlier, the couch potato. It's too easy to click buttons, type nasty stuff and not worry about the consequence because what you do on the internet isn't real, or is it....?

    I don't think yet as a society we have worked out how to behave on the internet. It's not the free for all it once once, ie porn would pop up everywhere, even on a topic about cooking. But nor is the internet like the real world either.

    Perhaps the internet reflects a exaggerated view of people, their opinions, their emotions, whereas in the real world, these things would be somewhat dampened. But is being "dampened" correct? Should people not say and act, how they think? On the internet they do what the real world denies them. Perhaps the internet is not the problem, but how we interact in the real world.

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  • Humans are a problematical species.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore

  • But we've learned those behaviours so we can live together in a cohesive society. The internet is shaking that up but we're adapting. I've noticed a change in the way my kids use social media - they all grew up in the middle of its explosion. You do get odd people that dump their entire lives on Facebook etc. but I think most people have come to terms with it, and it is getting easier to block people you don't want to hear about or who are actively attacking you. A lot of people actually seem to enjoy the drama of it though, no idea why. My life has enough problems in it already without worrying about anonymous saddos trying to wind me up too!

  • I agree Hoxton.

    One of the biggest concerns for me is the issues you raise and ultimately harks back to LW's comments. I have enough drama in my real life and I don't need to either wind people up on the internet, or if this forum does take off, having to deal with others winding people up here. I think why people "enjoy" (I don't think they do really) the drama of the bullying, baiting and general winding up, is that they are totally bored. Perhaps they should learn how to garden, cook, mend things, write, paint etc to relieve their boredom.

    I can't comment on social media and how it's evolved, as I don't use it, although will have to for promotion for this forum, but it's interesting what you say. If people are starting to censor themselves a bit and not put their lives on the internet, then that is a good thing, especially when kids are concerned.

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  • The lack of control on social media and the internet when it comes to stalkers, trolls and various other low-life specimens has given them a stage and a platform. They have caused a great deal of genuine unhappiness to many and in some cases they have caused vulnerable people to commit suicide and in some cases they have groomed young people, pretended to be someone else and met them somewhere so they can rape and kill them.

    It really is a place where the worst elements have been relatively free to attack, upset and bully their targets. And this kind of troll can be very tenacious and some never give up stalking their targets, some actually finally committing violence against them. This is well known, it has just been put aside because of the apparent horror of not allowing every Tom, Dork and Harriet to say whatever they like to whomever they please in the name of "freedom". That isn't freedom, that is delinquency.

    I don't think anyone who is a victim of this is enjoying it by any means. The perpetrators are obviously have a great time. It's unbalanced and I suspect that now politicians are being targeted the rest of us might get some legal attention. The internet has been a social justice desert for some time, full of humanoid reptiles and assorted psychos. That is a fact. If certain folk have not been made victims of it then they won't be able to understand it. And, always bear in mind that you cannot apply circumstances from your life as examples of the circumstances or reactions of the life of another. There is usually no comparison. And trolls know who looks vulnerable to their poison.

    I was instructed in this by a good friend in Britain who made a personal study of internet species. He taught me, finally, how to deal with them as I really didn't know and kept feeding them by mistake.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore

  • What do you think of anonymity LW? Do you think that everyone should post under their own names? It doesn't seem to have cured the problem on social media, where some trolls post under their own names and that doesn't change their behaviour.

    I think there are two groups of people here, one group I've already mentioned, who I think make up the bulk of these people are those who are simply bored. But another are malicious, but, how to tell the two different groups apart? How do you separate the wind up merchants from the real nasties?

    When I create my neighbours from hell thread, I'll be getting into some of this, as essentially I had someone who woke up everyday and decided he was going to make my families' life hell. And this is happening everywhere and of course, this behaviour has transferred onto the internet too.

    The difference with the internet is that you can turn it off and people need to understand this. They can switch off Facebook, or don't have to visit certain forums, or can even just switch the computers off altogether. That is very different to living next to or with bullies who want to make your life miserable. So, while the problem of bullies on the internet is bad, it needs to be seen in perspective, dealing with real flesh and blood ones in the real world is far, far worse.

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  • I think individuals should feel free to use their names and to promote their businesses, mention their professions and allow decent people to share their reality everywhere in the world. I think that if some want to have an alias that's fine. If they are using it to conceal their evil goings on then they should be umasked.

    I think running away from this human scum is part of the new age cowardice that has turned once tenacious people into skedaddlers whenever they see a challenge. Often this is because they fear reprisals and know there is no law to defend them and that if they defend themselves they will be castigated for participating. I find the latter utterly absurd and incredible. But that is what you will be told if you complain. If you just lie in wait and confront the dung on legs that is bullying you, you will be at fault. The world has definitely gone mad.

    Some folk need to be on the net and I am one of them. We have occupations that necessitate our public reality because we have no promoters and so we are requested to make ourselves known on account of what we do. This can range from people like me to people who own small enterprises that make things or consultants who offer certain services and who work for themselves. The world is our marketplace. We can't hide and be anonymous.

    I fail to see the need to be anonymous if you haven't committed any crimes. Whilst the people bullying you and stalking you and lying about and setting up lynch mobs on the internet against you are free to carry on regardless. This has created the situation that now prevails when a public figure of any description is chased off Twitter by cyber thugs and whose life, home and children are threatened by psychos who seem able to do this with impunity. The law has only one recommendation at present and that is that the victim flee and hide.

    Bugger that.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore