Blair says EU could compromise on freedom of movement. Really...??

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  • Some EU leaders may be prepared to compromise on the free movement of people to help Britain stay in the single market, Tony Blair has said.

    He told the Today programme one option was for Britain "staying within a reformed EU".
    Blair says EU could compromise on freedom of movement

    Sounds like a way to muddle with Brexit to me.

    If the EU were open to compromise on this issue, why wasn't David Cameron offered this option?

    Until I hear the likes of Merkel say this on record, I won't believe it.

    Blair et all will do anything to stop Brexit, and of course it is a nice diversion from Chilcott's remarks about him.

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  • It will never be reformed to the extent that I would wish to remain in it. Bliar seems to think that 'free movement of people is the only stumbling block! There should be no need whatsoever for an additional Parliament; a supranational Executive - whether democratically elected or not; the requirement to pay a subsidy etc. etc. just to access free trade.......even if it does include non-tariff trade barriers.

    What could 'fly' is a reformation of the EU, such that it, with its Parliament etc. is scrapped, and replaced with a Free Trade how about that for originality?

    I know - that hasn't got a snowball in hell's chance of flying!!

    Seems a good idea to me though.

  • I think the Germans and French might have other ideas though, Stevlin. Nice try though!8o

    If the EU were reformed, then staying in that political club, I would find it acceptable for the UK to remain with the jurisdiction of the ECJ and pay a sum for membership.

    As I said before in another thread, I don't know when the main countries aka Germany and France, think this is all leading. They specifically say in one sentence they do not want a United States of Europe than in the next breadth talk about "more Europe." Only a twit wouldn't be able to work out that more Europe will lead to a centralised state called Europe.

    I think Blair is just causing trouble and will do everything he can to stop Brexit.

    Unless he wishes to name his sources, I bet he doesn't, I don't believe that those in Europe want wide-scale reform. The reform will happen when we leave and take our money with us, the reform could be called another name - collapse.

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  • Why the hell should we do that?? Advantageous economic growth would be equally stimulated by a common or garden Regional Free Trade Agreement..........and THAT, is all that is needed. There is no requirement. or benefit from introducing an additional Parliament, common currency etc., and all the other trappings that are required to form a United Soviet States of Europe.

    Make no mistake - that is where the EU is heading with its 'ever close union' ambition.

    Some people may prefer to be part of a United States of Europe, but they should say outright that is why they are for the political union, so if that is your preference, then fine - I wouldn't agree with you, but I would respect your right to believe that.....but what I don't respect is the subterfuge behind the facade of the EU being a 'trade agreement'..... it isn't, and never has been. It was a political union from the outset....but that was hidden from the 'people' for obvious reasons, to the extent that Heath even lied in Parliament, by claiming there would be no transfer of any element of UK sovereignty to the EU, ( EEC).

    With regard to serious reform in the EU - Cameron found out to his cost that the unelected ones will not move....and Michel Barnier has repeatedly made it quite clear that the 4 freedoms are indivisible.......he does however, appear to ignore the fact that around 60 countries have access to the Single Market, without having to accept either EU rules, or to subsidise them.

  • why does he think that anyone will listen to him ? Makes me laugh , all these has-beens & non-entities twattering or posting stuff online, taking the attitude that they know best, and everyone else is a ming mong that will suddenly be converted to their way of thinking


  • I just hope he doesn't get back into politics, ming mong. He had his time, he should gracefully piss off now and leave everyone alone.

    If he doesn't agree with Brexit, fine, that's his opinion. But why try to stir things?

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  • One has to ask WHO are these so called "Leaders" and why haven't they said this in the open not just to TB

    Plus if the EU are so keen why are these proposals not on the table for the negotiations. Barnier clearly knows nothing about them.

    Seems like a case of WMD's all over again and it's just in TB's mind

  • I think you just made the case Slojo why Blair is talking out of his rear end.

    I can understand that those who voted to remain in the EU obviously don't want to leave, but the likes of Blair, Ms Miller, CLeggy etc seem to want to undermine our democracy. A majority voted to leave and they should accept that. Will they? Hell no!

    Ms Miller and co have already said they're going to cause problems with the Great Repeal Bill. I feel like before March 2019, there will be at least one more case in the Supreme Court brought about to try and stop Brexit.

    BTW, Welcome to the forum Slojo!:) if you get a chance, please introduce yourself to the community in the welcome forum. Thanks.

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