A fully electric version of the Mini will be built in Cowley,

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  • I guess this is a kind of Brexit thread as it shows confidence in a Post Brexit Britain

    A fully electric version of the Mini will be built in Cowley, Oxford, BMW has confirmed.

    BMW said that the car, which will be a variant of its existing three-door model, would go into production in 2019.

    The carmaker said Oxford would be the main "production location" for the Mini three-door model.


  • Well, first of all it's good news for jobs and as you say Slojo, there is a link to Brexit as it shows confidence in our economy post Brexit. But, it's the all electric bit that is the best news and this comes just weeks after another car maker said they were going all electric.

    I don't know if the battery technology will be good enough by the time these start rolling off the production lines, but if they're not then, they will be eventually.

    Very good news.

    And well done on your first thread here, Slojo.:thumbup::thumbup: There are billions of stories I could post a day, but I tend to hold off and just post the one, or sometimes two, so as not to dominate things too much.

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