Drinking most days may protect against diabetes - new study

  • Drinking alcohol most days of the week significantly protects against developing diabetes, a new study suggests.


    So yet again we have a 'study' which totally contradicts many other previous ' studies' which virtually claimed that opening a bottle of wine to have a glass or two was almost as dangerous as pulling the pin on a hand grenade.

    It seems that if you don't have a drink you'll die of one thing and if you do have a drink you'll die of something different. Well I think I'd rather plod my weary way to the crematorium with a glass of red in my hand so I'll stick to my own medical rule - a little of what you fancy does you good.;)

  • As you say Morgan, the studies say one thing, one minute and something different the next minute.

    Drinking alcohol will raise blood sugar levels, so I don't understand the utter bollocks that this study is coming out with. Plus, too much alcohol can lower blood sugar to dangerous levels, ether way, it seems a good method to get diabetes, not prevent it.

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