Cambridge student tweets ‘All white people are racist’

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  • Cambridge student tweets ‘all white people are racist’ following Dalston protests

    A student who heads a Cambridge University equality group has claimed ‘all white people are racist’ on Twitter.

    Jason Osamede Okundaye posted a series of inflammatory tweets following the recent riots in Dalston, east London.

    He also wrote that middle-class white people have ‘colonised’ Dalston.

    The 20-year-old runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the University.…dalston-protests-6815798/

    "An attitude which is shocking enough but even more shocking in the light of Diane Abbott's own views in 2012 that "White people love playing 'divide & rule' We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism".…t-tweet-anti-white-racism

    Anything I can add to this would probably break the rules so I'll just point it out and leave others to make any comments they wish to. Suffice to say I think that one day, the powder keg we have all been sitting on for years will one day explode. And we'll all be left wondering why we were so tolerant in the first place.

  • It's sad when people are accused of "colonising" parts of their own country.

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  • Okundaye is clearly a racist himself.

    I think the powder keg exploded some time ago, it was starting to dampen down a bit as traditional white racists faded into oblivion possibly realising how stupid they were. However we now get seemingly acceptable racism from black and Asian people against white people and left wingers against Jews whilst a white person accidentally mixing up two black blokes or saying coloureds instead of whatever the latest acceptable word is gets pilloried. Genuine racists such as Okundaye need to be tackled or the morons on the extremes of the "right" will be rearing their ugly heads again and convincing other idiots that hating black and Asian people is not a bad idea after all.

    I find it all very weird. I had the dubious pleasure of travelling a lot in my last job but one positive was confirming what I already knew - i.e. that race, nationality, ethnicity and even religion are not as important, or perhaps totally unimportant, compared to education level, class, employment type or wealth status. There are huge similarities worldwide amongst groups of the latter but try generalising on religious belief or race and you'll be wrong pretty much every time. So how come, in an age where friendships can be made via the internet crossing all national and cultural boundaries, people still make sweeping judgements about white people or Muslims?? Is everyone turning bloody stupid?

  • Yes. But then, they've been stupid for centuries as far as I can tell. :S

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore

  • Yes. But then, they've been stupid for centuries as far as I can tell. :S

    Yes you are probably right, the internet is just giving the stupid a voice. We used to think (including me) the elite keeping the ordinary man down was a bad thing. Now that the elite are losing their control and the idiots are finding their voice I'm beginning to wonder whether we aren't better off with them back in charge. I used to be a fan of direct democracy, I'm not so sure about it now...

  • Me too. I agree with you that things have come undone at the seams.

    I can't speak for other ethnicities, but I do know that they were all basically similar in our own ancestral social strata. Once there were certain groups: workers, warriors, artisans and aristocrats which included the monarchs. Society was considered to have been created this way by gods who placed people in occupations that and societies were viable for long periods of time. This, I think, was a good way of describing the narrative of groups.

    In the Norse myths, Heimdall created all three hierarchies by placing his genes into each but giving to each its own occupational slot in the group. So no one was less than any other as each had the god force in them of the loving, benevolent Heimdall (who in the older versions, was called Rig.)

    This works well provided the society doesn't start enforcing these roles or positions. In modern contexts, this creates frustration and oppression and necessitates authorial injunctions and threats or rewards to keep people in line and maintain the standards of living of the wealthy and privileged.

    If we could, in the present Age, go back to these stratifications, but allow individuals to choose what they wanted to do instead of forcing them to do what their parents did, then we might be able to recreate workable societies where there is a required number of folk for the jobs needed to be done. If the whole tribal or national group coheres by means of cooperation then this can be extended to other groups in alliances and friendship and an understanding of the fundamentals of work and creativity, maintenance and positive progress might be able to be achieved and sustained.

    At the moment, humanity is largely angry with ruling elites. Well, they have been a source e of annoyance for a long time, but I feel that's because the basic fabric of their constituents has broken down. Various religions and ideologies have inserted hatred for certain groups as a way of dividing societies, and humanity, against themselves.

    So, although you might be pretty pissed off with the way things are, you have a point in saying that some things might have been better left intact. If one looks at the violent street skirmishes that characterise nations where ruling elites have stomped on the working people then this imbalance becomes obvious and the rage that is implicit in their neglect and oppression makes sense.

    Thus far, no one seems to have been able to fix things. I wonder if there will be a global revolt in this respect and a reassessment of what went wrong and where. If not, we're possibly looking at a world on fire and this is the last thing anyone wants to see their children inherit, or be forced to become a part of in order to fix what is broken.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore

  • The only equality anyone needs is equality before the law. This depends on how just the laws are but if they are egalitarian in principle, then the only thing anyone can complain about is that the law isn't being upheld, not whether or not people are from any ethnicity or gender or social hierarchy.

    The student concerned in this is parroting cultural Marxist ideology that gives group rights to people instead of legal rights. He is an example, found all over the world, of the way in which left wing whites have turned members of their own group and others against everyone of European extraction.

    He is an obnoxious and offensive upstart but if he isn't told to behave himself then he can't very well be blamed for mouthing off because he has been made to think that certain people among the left wing establishment think he is superior and beyond the law. If you complain about him and his fellow travellers, you will hastily be informed by establishment whites that you are a racist. Even if you are non-white and complain about it.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore