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  • I've been "watching", or should that be reading, several months worth of posts today in the now defunct Culture and Community forum on everything from transgender issues to the evils of our liberal media. My head is bleeding.... But after a lot of thread merging and some deletions, I'm almost there.

    So soon, I shall watch something "nice and calming" like the Walking Dead to finish me off!.^^

  • Rewatched The Butler last night

    Amazing film centred around a black man who becomes a butler at the White House but is basically about the civil rights movement in the USA and the disgraceful racism over there

  • I am watching the Bullshit on the BBC where the new Leader of the Labour party is trying to repair the disastrous damage done by Commie Corbyn........... Too little Too late.

    Starmer still hasn't got it..... Labour's demise will not recover until he gets rid of ALL of the corrosive Marxist element in the party. Only then will he get to the stage of leading a creditable opposition party.

    The Voice of Reason

  • TV has been quite disappointing of late. Even Strictly Come Dancing is barely watchable because of the format changes brought about by the pandemic.

    Sky Arts recently ran a docu-history called "Long Hot Summers" on The Style Council, who I vaguely remembered from the early 90s because my eldest sister liked them and used to play the Cafe Bleu album over and over.

    I call it a 'docu-history' rather than just a documentary because of the depth it went into. The programme ran for an hour and half and went into quite a lot of depth. I'd never thought of Paul Weller as a deep thinker before, but from the evidence of the programme, some of his songs were underpinned by very complex musical and ideological principles.

    I'm told it was a pilot and if it got favourable reviews they would do others. I enjoyed the programme and would gladly see them follow it up.

    Which bands do forum members think should be included if Sky Arts run with it and create a "Long Hot Summers" series?

  • Today I have not watched anything on the TV , tonight for me the highlight of the week is the Antiques Roadshow , I have Netflix but some of it does not appeal to me at all

  • Film 4 +1 "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad"

    Tom Baker is excellent as the baddie.

    Always seemed strange that John Phillip Law as a blond angel in Barbarella was so dark as Sinbad.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


  • I most certainly won't be watching Strictly upon it's return.. It has become too sickeningly woke, PC and holier than thou. It is well past it's sell by date and the organisers, trying to involve more bizarre content is turning people off.

    The Voice of Reason

  • I have been watching YELLOWSTONE, quite enjoyed it. The wife and I both hate waiting each week so we've let the latest season get about 7 weeks in , we will start again after Xmas.

    But I noticed that the great escape has been dusted off and will be shown over Xmas, become a bit of a traditional part of UK Xmas.

    Happy viewing guys n gals.

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • Just finished binge watching the six part crime drama series on ITVX called 'After The Flood'. It does have a few little political bits thrown in, nothing woke which was refreshing. The whole storyline and dramatisation is gripping. It's set in Yorkshire so canny lad might like this one. There's some great Yorkshire comedy moments and language in it too. :thumbup:


    Watched episode 1 last night Norra thanks, yes I agree it looks ok.

    The first episode put my back up with the way the sergeant spoke to that young Pc and them even allowing that retired senior cop to speak in such away. But I do look at those things, which I think programme makers should unless it was intentional.

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • rated as the best documentary ever made for the way it was written and filmed; The Thin Blue Line. This revolutionary style of filming is copied by all respected makers of documentaries.

    It's about two cops stopping a guy in a car, at night, ends up with the guy shooting the cops. .... I say no more.

    8| All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered: the point is to discover them. (Galileo)


  • unless it was intentional.

    Everything is intentional when it comes to dramatisations. There's one clip where the mother and daughter both tell each other to fuck off at the same time in a later episode. That came across to me as stereotypical and really tickled me. Keep watching as it will take a turn in the next episode.

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