Post-Brexit sanctions law will hit terror group finances

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  • New laws giving the UK beefed up powers to impose its own sanctions against terror groups after Brexit are to be introduced by the Government.

    Although modelled on existing EU sanctions, the new Sanctions Bill will make it easier to cut off funding, freeze assets and block access to bank accounts.

    At present, the Government must "reasonably believe" a person is or has been involved in terrorism and that freezing their assets is necessary to protect the public.

    But under the new plans, ministers would only need to have "reasonable grounds" to suspect a person or group is or has been involved in terrorism and that sanctions are an "appropriate action".

    The Government says the legislation will enable post-Brexit Britain to continue to play a central role in global sanctions to combat the threats of terrorism, conflict and nuclear weapons.…r-group-finances-10970330

    I'm sure that as time goes on and we leave the limitations of the EU and ECJ behind the government will find more ways to deal with the terrorist threat more efficiently.

  • I reckon controlling our own borders will be a good start!

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