Is Stop and Search an excuse by the police to harass black people?

  • In a interview given to BBC Radio, Cressida Dick, the Met's new police commissioner, has defended her force's use of Stop and Search.

    Official figures show that a high percentage of those stopped are from ethnic minorities, especially black people, but Cressida Dick said that her police do not target people based on their skin colour. She went on to say that a third of all people stopped, of whatever colour skin, have something on them "of interest" presumably a knife or drugs.

    Is stop and search a necessary evil, or an harassment tool against black people?

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  • It seems to me that there is major problem with black gangs in London. The main victims of these black gangs are young black people. Now, the police carry out stop and search in areas where the black gangs operate. This oddly enough, has the effect of enraging black people whose lives the police are trying to protect because they are then, apparently, being targeted by the police, victimised and discriminated against.

    So, the police, in order to placate the victims of their alleged racism, suspend or reduce stop and search. Then, amazingly enough, the black community complain because the police apparently don't care about black people being killed and are allowing knife and gun carrying thugs to roam the streets putting the lives of young black people in danger.

    That is the problem.

    Many, many moons ago, in the days of black and white t.v. when problems were simpler and solutions didn't enrage the PC loonies who now seem to rule us, a problem arose about the number of muggings in London. I once saw a t.v. interview during which a reporter asked a high ranking police officer why they targeted black youths in their pursuit of the criminals.

    The officer's answer was quite simply ' Because they are the ones carrying out the robberies.'

    He would of course be instantly dismissed and lose his pension these days for telling the unvarnished truth.

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