Britain's Brexit negotiators denied water by Brussels during divorce talks, civil servant claims

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  • Britain’s Brexit negotiators have been denied water during showdown talks in Brussels as the EU sought to gain a competitive advantage over the UK, a civil servant has revealed.

    The anonymous official said a lack of water available during talks may have been evidence of “unsporting tactics to get the upper hand”.

    They also outlined the scale of “paranoia” within the British camp, highlighting fears of phone tapping and a ban on the wearing of smart watches to prevent leaks.

    The account comes after The Telegraph revealed David Davis is carrying his Brexit documents and electronic equipment in a briefcase fitted with a Faraday cage to protect against hacking.…r-brussels-divorce-talks/

    If this is true it seems very petty and childish of the EU to carry on in this way. There won't be any chance of any agreement if they continue to do so.

  • If our people are not given water, they should just walk out. I suspect this might be a bit of a "tale" being spun by the journalists here.

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  • It could be - or it could be right. If so , its simply showing them up to be the c**** that they are.

    If I was there, and thirsty, I would excuse myself, go and use the facilities and return with drinks. It all takes time; Im paid to be there- Id break for a cup of tea, too , and drag out the time talking even more.

    Theyd hate me being there. Petty tricks wouldnt work with me.

    Same as the eu members giving May the cold shoulder- good. Keep it up; again they are showing themselves up to be the c**** that they are.

    It hasnt gone unnoticed.

    Again , if I was there, Id put my point quietly & directly. If fellow eu members talked over it, and I was asked to repeat it, Id say " No. Ive just told you .

    Ask for a transcript."

    In fact ; put me in there! ?? :p