Margaret Thatcher: Saint Or Sinner?

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  • She was the most powerful prime minister of this country since Winston Churchill, yet no politician has evoked stronger emotions than Margaret Thatcher.

    Did she save us from the unions, including mountains of uncollected rubbish? Or, did she destroy the heartland (The North) of what was once the most industrial and powerful country in the world?

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  • I was in labour when the news broke that Margaret Thatcher had died. Somebody came into the delivery room and mentioned it. I wasn't aware of that at the time. I was pushing, screaming the place down and, I think squeezing my wife's hand to a pulp and at one point trying to gnaw her arm through to the bone.

    It wasn't until I was being wheeled out, holding my little bundle, that I first heard a couple of nurses in the corridor singing "Ding dong the wicked witch is dead."

    Not very nice, but you can't blame them.

    Old Boy said: "Britain will have a trade deal with USA by the end of this year".

  • The only things she done which was any good was to bring female power to the top of politics and bring the country a sense of pride with the Falklands war. Other than that she was the beginning of the huge downfall of this country especially with the privatisation of everything. She was a powerful beast of a woman but an awful arrogant obstinate (I almost used the c word then), not a word I use lightly. She then shot herself in the foot with the poll tax which was step too far. But I hate Blair more. I want him hung for war crimes preferably with being able to see the look on his wife and kids faces.

  • She was what the UK needed at the time but produced a culture of greed to the detriment of society

    I used to correspond with her, her herself rather than an aide. My daughter went for interview at Exeter university which went well until they asked her who she most admired, politician or someone famous. She immediately replied "Margaret Thatcher"

    She knew instantly that she had blow the interview, as she put it the temperature from the panel dropped instantly. She was refused a place

    So I wrote to Mrs T to tell her the story which obviously interested her, hence our correspondence. She would often write and ask my views on some policies, not that it seemed that she took any notice of my views

    She did write and asked if I had noted that Exeter Uni had a new Vice Chancellor!

  • I know some on here think I am a liar but I lived directly opposite Thatchers old grocery shop, literally across the road. Mr Roberts. I despised Margaret Thatcher, as an old Labour clause 4 activist and Trade Union executive member. They dare not erect a statue for Thatcher in Grantham because they know it would be destroyed, so they have a small bust if her in Grantham Museum.

    However, with hindsight, I value her leadership qualities. ANYONE can be in the position of head of a group or party but LEADERSHIP skills are hard to teach, you either have this trait or not and she was a leader. You can totally oppose the policies but acknowledge the leadership ability.

    The reason Corbyn was wiped out is because he has no leadership ability. The reason TRUMP won is because he does have leadership skills. Swinson was destroyed.. she was head of Lib Dums but not a leader. Same with Miliband. Paddy Ashdown, did not have a clue.

    Thatcher made decisions, you can move on when decisions are made. If you sit on the fence you are neither one side or the other.

    Boris said... "BREXIT WILL HAPPEN". Corbyn said.. "Brexit err, might err probably may perhaps I will remain and leave"!! SWinson totally rebuked democracy, full in our faces... ??

    Thatcher said, up front before her election.. "I will deal with the abuse of power by the trade unions"! I did not agree with her at the time but she said it clearly and the people voted. I respected that. Just as I would have respected the EU vote if REMAIN had won. Unlike the remoaners who were contemptuous.

    Thatcher was necessary, she had vision and the leadership skills to do it.

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