Is May going after fat cat bosses?

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  • Businesses who pay excessive salaries to senior executives represent the "unacceptable face of capitalism", Prime Minister Theresa May has said.

    The "excesses" of some bosses was undermining confidence and "damaging the social fabric of our country", she wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

    BBC article


    Our beloved prime minster is going after fat cat bosses, well, at least according to her article in yesterday's Mail. But is she really?

    She is going to publish what these overpaid bosses get and if 20% of shareholders vote against Director's pay, but that already happens??

    Is that a bit of bank holiday spin, or is she serious in tackling this issue?

    By the way, I wasn't go to mention this subject yet, because as per my thread on pre news, this is exactly what this is. The actual government proposals will be published this week, so we'll see if anything of substance will be in them. I'm thinking not.

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