Should women be kept out of the military?

  • The Royal Air Force has become the first branch of the British military to open up every role to men and women.

    From Friday it will accept applications from women to join the RAF Regiment - its ground-fighting force.

    BBC article


    My views on this have evolved over the years.

    I don't have a issue with women in the RAF at all. In the future, many combat roles will be based in control centres in the UK piloting drones, so I don't see any moral or physical issues with having women in those roles.

    For the navy, I am not so sure, especially submarines which are cramped.

    Will there need to be women's toilets and bathrooms on ships and submarines. There just isn't room?

    On the physical side, I don't see an issue with women in the navy, I am sure they can do most jobs, but it is more the morale question of putting potential mothers in harms way.

    For the army, special forces or any other ground based unit which might go into combat, I am vehemently opposed to women being in these roles.

    Women's bodies are not the same as men and putting women through the same kind of training as men, would put a significant strain on them and that's before they even got into a combat zone. Again, the morale issue of putting potential mothers in harms way, is something I dislike.

    What do you think?

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  • I wouldn't want to be a soldier for all the tea in China, so would never apply.

    If a woman wants to do that sort of thing and she can pass all the required tests, it's up to her if she wants to fight.

  • If a woman wants to do that sort of thing and she can pass all the required tests, it's up to her if she wants to fight.

    My thoughts too though as Horizon highlights there may be problems in very cramped quarters. Also (I'm trying not to be sexist) but someone as well endowed as say Katie Price could be very distracting out on the field.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • As long as there is free choice by the applicant I see no reason why any job should be gender specific. As far as working in life threatening situations? Fathers have been putting their lives at risk for a long time so I can't understand why Mothers should be treated any differently.

  • The kind of woman who tends to go in for frontline soldiering is not usually a luscious Barbie. Many work in the military, the medical corps, techno positions, etc and during WWII they flew planes and worked in factories, did work as spies, etc. It depends on the individual.

    I agree that cramped quarters and showers, etc could be a problem. I don't know. I don't want to know. I hate the whole concept of being put in the army. =O

    I could not be a soldier, in a dreadful uniform, marching in lock-step round a parade ground and obeying orders like a robot if my life depended on it. I'd lose my temper and end up in detention barracks. But there are women who can and do. So good luck to them.:thumbup:

  • I suppose there are Kurdish women currently fighting ISIS and they are just as good as their male colleagues against a ferocious enemy and in Israel there are no gender barriers.

    I guess the argument of cramped quarters, shared bathroom facilities could be made against gay military personnel too.

    During WW2, our soldiers working in cramped conditions whether it was on the battle field or on ships generally knew who was gay, and it wasn't an issue. So, I guess the same could be said for women.

    It will take me a little longer to come round to accepting that women should be allowed in front line combat roles, just seems totally alien, although as said, fathers do it, so why not mothers.

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