The damned cheek of Barnier!!!

  • Brexit: UK to be 'educated' about consequences, says Barnier

    The EU's Brexit negotiator has said he sees the process as an opportunity to "teach the British people and others what leaving the EU means".

    Michel Barnier said he would never resort to blackmail but saw it as his job to "educate" the UK about the price it would pay for leaving the EU "club".

    The UK has hit back, saying the EU does "not want to talk about the future".

    Brexit Secretary David Davis said it was "frightened" and the UK would not be bounced into a divorce bill deal.

    The latest salvos come after a week of talks in Brussels about the UK's withdrawal from the EU - scheduled to take place in March 2019 - which increased tensions between the two sides.

    How dare this man virtually say he will teach us a lesson and educate us? This remark shows exactly why it is totally pointless trying to negotiate with the EU. They are determined not to give way on anything while making endless demands and threats.

    Let's stop this shameful fiasco and get out now!

  • With an attitude like that is it any wonder the UK are so keen to leave EU and not be part of the little dictators club, it's obvious the EU is running scared and realising they need us more than we need them.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • Yes, just noticed that myself, LW.

    I didn't realise the Andrew Marr programme was back on yesterday and David Davis was on there. I've yet to see the programme yet, but DD thinks this is all part of the EU's ploy to pressurise us into doing what they want, we'll see.

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  • Morgan

    Just a little thank you again for posting threads here and showing interest.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I am still in setup phase with this software, in effect after three software changes, I've been in setup phase all year, but despite that you keep coming and keep posting new threads which I appreciate.

    I will get better at posting more threads each day, in the future, so I appreciate that you still do this.

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  • No problem mate. It will be a good board once it really gets going. Finding controversial subjects is a bit difficult at the moment because Brexit/ Trump/ North Korea have been in the news a long time and everyone has had their say and given their opinions.

    Mind you, the news about Kate being pregnant (Again.) will generate a lot of excitement. As if. :rolleyes:

    But it's good to have a more sensible place than the other site.

  • Well said Morgan.

    I have a suspicion another Royal pregnancy might be to push maverick Harry into sixth place and if this is so, then we can safely think of the lovely Katherine as a martyr to the cause of the British Monarchy and that she has true grit.

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