Would your neighbours help you if needed?

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  • One in four over 45’s do not have a neighbour they can call on for a favour, according to a new study launched today (18 January).

    The research by the Co-op shows that almost a quarter (23.3 per cent) of over 45’s claim to have no one living nearby who they can turn to for help. That figure falls to one in six (16.8 per cent) for those under 35.

    Co-op press release


    Up to about 12 years ago when my old neighbours left and new scum ones arrived, I had excellent neighbours who I could ask for help with anything. They weren't just neighbours either, I considered them an extension of my family.

    When I was a kid and both my parents were ill, my neighbours cooked my dinners for a few weeks and did things like wash and iron my school uniform. They used to take me on days out and always looked out for my brother and I. In return, I got to do things like look after their cats (I was never allowed to have pets of my own) and play on their piano in their house when they went on holidays. We had keys to each others houses.

    I used to go on holidays with my old neighbours sometimes and if they or my family needed anything, we would always help each other out, but that has all changed now.

    Today, I am frequently missing post and all the foreigners that the Royal Mail now use to deliver the post in my area can't read basic English or seemingly door numbers either and my post, I suspect, ends up with my scum neighbours and I never get it. Once upon a time if I needed some tea bags or a tin of baked beans, I only needed to ask my old neighbours. Today, my new scum ones don't even return our post to us which has been wrongly delivered to their house.

    The Co-Op research from January suggests that more and more people cannot rely on neighbours for support and it's getting worse for younger people.

    Can you rely on your neighbours for some help? Would they lend you some sugar if needed? Would you help them out and lend them stuff?

    I wouldn't lend my scum neighbours a grain of rice, look out for "my neighbours from hell" thread soon.

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  • We are lucky as we have some great neighbours. We look after their animals when they go away, but one night, Mr Wing passed out in the bathroom from a pulled muscle in his neck. It simply shut off the blood supply and he fell like a pole axed steer, hitting his head on the tiled floor and opening up a gash above his eye.

    I couldn't drag him out of the way to open the door, and then when I finally managed this, I couldn't drag him out of the doorway. He was dazed and didn't know how he had injured himself. There was blood on the floor and a horrible gash right across his head above the eyebrow and he had slid into the door, creating a lump on his forehead as well from the blow.

    I had no one I could call, so I phoned the neighbour. It was half past eleven on a weekday night. He got dressed and came over, got Mr Wing up and brought his car.

    Our doctor is one of those old timers from heaven who works from his home surgery and Mr Wing was bundled into the neighbour's car and taken there. Stitched up by the doctor and brought back home.

    Not only do neighbours no longer bother to help one another but doctors refuse to come out or be disturbed after hours. Ours is therefore worth his weight in gold, but he won't last forever.

    I never forget a good turn and so our neighbour has our assistance at any time, should he and his family ever need it.

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  • We tend to ignore most of ours apart from a polite good morning. We are better acquainted with one couple but I wouldn't say they were friends. Very occasionally we might get a knock on the door from a neighbour with a problem and we do what we can but that's about all. Before we had the papers delivered I did used to pick up and deliver a neighbour's paper for him but he gradually came to think that it was some sort of obligation or duty on my part and moaned if I was late or on holiday. 'Why didn't you tell me you'd be late? I've been waiting to have my breakfast because I read it then.' So that was the end of that one. ;)

  • Our neighbours whose house is part of the terrace are pretty good and I've certainly lent them a few odd things when they've needed them but they have lived there a long time. They've also offered help when I've been mullering the front garden and I'm sure if there was an emergency they'd muck in as we would for them.

    The one over the back I know her name and her partner but she's always fussing over something so I tend not to talk to her.

    Several others across the road we're on good morning terms but not much more.

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  • Good neighbours one side although they need our help rather than the other way round. Reasonable neighbours the other side, occasionally I'll have a beer with the bloke. They have a dodgy son who's had mental health and drug problems but he seems to be coming out from those now.

  • We have a WhatsApp street group. Any time someone sees anything dodgy, lost animal running around, etc they call in. The group is attached to a small neighbourhood commando unit, set up by volunteers who will do car patrols for safety of the streets, help in cases of fire or any other catastrophe.

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door

    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore