Rotherham abuse scandal: no charges against senior council figures

  • Local MP condemns finding that no senior managers should face any action despite ‘substantial organisational failings’

    No charges will be brought against any senior figures at Rotherham borough council despite “various and substantial organisational failings” that left 1,400 children at risk of sexual abuse, a set of reports has concluded.

    The decision, in six long-awaited reports published on Wednesday, was condemned by the Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion as a “complete wasted opportunity to allow the town to move forward”.

    The reports concluded that no senior council managers from 1997 to 2013 should face any action despite the independent experts finding “there may have been errors of judgment or missed opportunities”.…st-senior-council-figures

    One has to wonder why no senior police officer and no senior council officer is going to finish up in court or prison for failing to do carry out their duty in this terrible business.

    The shocking findings of the reports ( Further down the page.) should be the basis of an intensive police enquiry and the offenders named and shamed for their cover ups and neglect of their duties.

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