Rotherham abuse scandal: no charges against senior council figures

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  • Local MP condemns finding that no senior managers should face any action despite ‘substantial organisational failings’

    No charges will be brought against any senior figures at Rotherham borough council despite “various and substantial organisational failings” that left 1,400 children at risk of sexual abuse, a set of reports has concluded.

    The decision, in six long-awaited reports published on Wednesday, was condemned by the Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion as a “complete wasted opportunity to allow the town to move forward”.

    The reports concluded that no senior council managers from 1997 to 2013 should face any action despite the independent experts finding “there may have been errors of judgment or missed opportunities”.…st-senior-council-figures

    One has to wonder why no senior police officer and no senior council officer is going to finish up in court or prison for failing to do carry out their duty in this terrible business.

    The shocking findings of the reports ( Further down the page.) should be the basis of an intensive police enquiry and the offenders named and shamed for their cover ups and neglect of their duties.

  • Yet another mass sexual abuse gang - covered up by police in Scotland.

    Another cover-up and all the criminals are Muslims.... sexual abuse of young white girls.

  • Apparently it was the bloke at the top of the Home Office - the one who theatrically resigned in a news conference starting the which hunt for Pritti Patel - who squashed the publication of the report. “Not in the public interest”.

    You may speculate why he did that - if he did - I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • They are not used to a Minister doing her job properly. It is a common trait.

    I worked through the ranks but remember old school officers with some years service who felt they could do what they like, even ignore my authority... they soon learned different ... they were used to long coffee breaks etc such a culture can fester if and when "managers" do not assert their role in order to get the job done.

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    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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    There is not one single word or letter in all of my posts where I have lied, not one. If i had I would never keep challenging you. I dont like being called a LIAR. So we can forget all post aforesaid and just carry on being mature forum members showing mutual respect.

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    Something tells me there's a punchline coming from somewhere, but alright, I'm up for that.

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    Response to your comments re: my previous.

    I agree that petition cannot change any decision made in an electoral vote but disagree about referenda.

    Firstly, the distinction between an election and a referendum is that an election is legally binding and a referendum is not, unless it is specifically enacted as such beforehand. The Brexit referendum was not legally binding and regardless of what David Cameron said before about "once in a lifetime vote" and that he would respect the outcome, the moment he left office and a new government took over his comments were no longer morally binding by virtue of a promise made by an incumbent Prime Minister.

    All referenda in UK are advisory. It was established by remain campaigners making representation to the Speaker of the House and the Attorney General very quickly, that a challenge to the outcome would be both morally valid and procedurally acceptable, and lawful.

    The other question I raised above is that your case seems to be based largely on forcing the government into taking action on the basis of a 100'000 signature petition. My point by reply was that this government seems to find it quite easy to ignore large scale petitions. I argued that, if they can ignore 6 million signatures, they can easily brush off 100'000.

    My suggestion is that the only recourse to action that your campaign has to take the issue further than Crown prosecutions is to pursue the line of private prosecutions through the courts. I understand that such a course of action would be expensive, time consuming and with no certain victorious outcome, but it seems to me that, as slim a chance of success there may be, it is the only realistic other option left available.

    Individuals can lobby their MP any time. You could start a pressure group. You could march, demonstrate and pound away in the press - and goodness knows, I did enough of that over Brexit - but as we saw, when you're faced with an intransigent government who will resort to anything, fair or foul, to force something through, then the odds really are stacked against you.

    Believe me when I tell you that I have no truck with those who sexually abuse children. To me they are the worst kind of criminals and deserve locking up for life.... meaning life..... but campaigns must be objective, lawful and based entirely on the criminality involved.

    I'd say good luck to you in getting as many of these abhorrent people put away. But keep it 'right'.

  • No punchline . I dont work that way. Line drawn. You will receive full respect person to person. On the topics I will still debate with honesty but no snides.

    All credit to you for burying the hatchet.