Are your binmen rummaging through your rubbish?

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  • BINMEN are rummaging through millions of householders’ rubbish to report recycling “offences” in a nationwide crackdown on combined waste.

    Town hall officials have ordered them to rifle through domestic rubbish and record where recycling is “contaminated” with food or other waste.

    Householders who put out their waste at the wrong time, overload their bins, leave the lids open or fail to use slop caddies are being reported by dustbin men across England.

    And 166 councils have introduced cameras on bin lorries to record infringements, carrying a risk of £60 fines, the Daily Mail reports.

    Gravesham council, Kent, has spent £1.7million on CCTV cameras equipped with seven lorries.

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    My local council was talking about putting chips in wheelie bins, but I'm not aware that they've told binmen to actively check each household's rubbish, what does everyone think about this?

    It is big brother, but what other option is there? If people don't recycle stuff when they should, or put things in the wrong bins, when they shouldn't, what other option do councils have other than to check bins?

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  • Our recycle collection (fortnightly) bin men just seem to have a cursory glance inside the wheelie bin before putting it to the truck. I'm very careful to make sure that our recycle stuff is clean and dry as requested by the council. Fortunately they take most stuff that can be recycled even margarine tubs and plastic\foil food trays.

    We have a composter so any vegetable food waste, peelings, shredded paper (Identity information) etc go in there so our main waste is just one swing bins worth a week.

    Down in Cornwall at my mothers place they have 4 different bags to sort recycle stuff into and they will leave a note on re-cycling together with things they don't collect.

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  • Yes, people are rummaging through mine, but where I am it's to find stuff to eat or take to the recyclers to sell. Different worlds.

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