Posting guidelines - Please read

  • In additional to the main rules which you agreed to when registering (you did read them, didn't you?;)) you further agree to abide by these guidelines.

    A. Member Behaviour

    1. Keep it friendly

    Members should engage with one another in a friendly and positive way, but that does not mean that robust discussion on a topic is prohibited, far from it! But if a discussion becomes too heated and/or personal insults are thrown around, then warnings will be issued. You can attack the argument as much as you like, just not the person.

    Be kind, be nice. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. Behind every post is a human being.

    2. Trolling and Baiting

    Don't post something with the sole intention of winding someone else up or trying to derail a topic. It's obvious to all and can land you in hot water. Also, don't try and provoke a strong reaction from someone with the aim of getting them reported.

    3. Opinions matter

    Forums are a great place for sharing opinions on any given subject, but sometimes some people believe that these opinions must be backed up with proof. This is not a academic site and no member has to prove anything here and if a member keeps demanding that others should provide proof of their opinions/posts, they could be issued with a warning.

    4. Don't ignore and/or argue with staff instructions

    This is already a main rule, but if a staff member asks you to do something or not do something, please abide it. Ignoring staff can result in either a temporary or permanent ban from this site. Staff are clearly labelled as such. Additionally, don't argue with mod decisions within threads. If you are unhappy about something, then create a thread here: Help and Feedback and staff will reply to you. That forum is private and your thread can only be seen by yourself and staff. Additionally, do not complain if your posts are moved/edited/deleted unless you feel that you have been unfairly treated. It is routine, as but one example, to delete off-topic posts.

    B: Forum use

    1. Keep on topic

    Difficult this one, as the natural flow of conversation can ebb and flow, but please try and stick to the subject of the thread. The subject is set by the member who created that thread. The thread creator has a right to complain to staff if they feel their thread is going off topic or is being derailed by some other means.

    2. Reuse threads

    If a subject is already being covered in a existing thread, then please use that thread. How will you know if a thread already exists? Just do a search, but sometimes these threads can easily be identified because they are pinned at the top of forum lists and are sometimes labelled as "Super Topics".

    Multiple threads on the same subject may get deleted.

    4. News links

    When creating threads or posting about something happening in the news, please post a link to that story, so that other members can read the background details on the story. Please use BBC links where possible or links from other free sites. Avoid linking to sites behind a paywall and which require a subscription to read.

    C: Use of Account

    1. Usernames, Avatars, Profile pictures/banners and Signatures.

    Do not use pornographic or other objectionable material such as nazi symbols and words. Also, don't use swear words or pejorative terms, ie don't choose words like "idiot" as that may result in yourself getting abused from other members.

    2. Use one account

    Members are not permitted to have more than one account. If you wish to change your username, please contact a member of staff. If you have not used your account after two years, it will get deleted and you will need to create a new one if you wish to use this site again.

    3. Use real IP only

    Members should not use proxies or mask their real IP by using things such as Tor. If your device scrambles your IP automatically, such as when using Public Wi-Fi, you should disable it or set a exception for this site.

    D: Warning system

    1. Warnings

    Generally, most situations are dealt with by a informal warning being posted in the thread where a problem is occurring. Sometimes, members might get named as part of that warning. Everyone should heed the warning and abide by the instruction given by the staff member.

    If these warnings are ignored, members may be suspended from the site or, in rare cases, banned entirely.

    All warnings are logged against the member's account.

    I'm sure I'll think of more draconian stuff as time goes on.:evil::saint:

    If my post is in this colour, it is a moderator decision. Please abide by it.

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