Election debates

  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to face off in live BBC debate

    The BBC will host a head-to-head debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in the run-up to the general election.

    The Conservative and Labour leaders will face off live in Southampton on 6 December - six days before the poll.

    A seven-way podium debate will also take place between senior figures from the UK's major political parties on 29 November, live from Cardiff.

    And the BBC will broadcast several Question Time specials, including a show focused on younger audiences.

    Lets keep all stuff about the debates here please.

    Dates for the debates are:

    19th November - ITV debate featuring Boris and Corbyn

    28th November - Sky News debate featuring Boris, Corbyn and Swinson

    29th November - BBC debate featuring all leaders

    6th December - BBC debate featuring Boris and Corbyn

    So, four debates, two on the BBC and one each on ITV and Sky and Question Time specials too including one featuring Farage, but frankly what is the point? The election is only about one subject and most people made their minds up about that a long time ago.

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