Why isn't the law applied to travellers?

  • The government is to review the effectiveness of laws designed to tackle illegal encampments set up by travellers and Gypsies.

    It will also look at whether planning legislation is properly enforced against unauthorised developments built by members of travelling communities.

    In a Commons debate, some MPs said constituents believed there was one law for travellers and one for the rest of society.

    I was watching the Commons debate yesterday evening and many of the complaints from MPs were coming from those nearby me in Essex.

    Travellers seem to do what they want. Set up illegal encampments, build on them using permanent concrete foundations, steal from local communities etc But if we acted like this, we'd get arrested.

    Some of the Labour MPs were accusing the Conservative ones of racism, but they didn't say anything racist, just stated the facts.

    The response from the government was useless. They'll look at existing laws, to see if anything can be done was the reply from the minister.

    Why isn't the law applied to travellers? If they steal something, they should be arrested and charged

    As one MP put it, if they set up illegal encampment and go on a thieving spree, they can be identified from their vehicle registration numbers, yet oddly, the police never seem to be able to identify them? What the hell is going on?

    (Please note: Following a court case, it is my understanding that using a certain word that begins with P to identify travellers is now considered racist and illegal. Therefore, use of the word is not permitted on this site. Thank you.)

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  • As far as I am concerned all laws of the land should apply to everyone equally regardless of race, culture, religion or whatever, you live in a country then you should abide by that countries laws and expect and accept the consequences if you don't there should be no exception to that.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • Recently in Cromer, Norfolk , not far from me , the town was terrorised by travellers , it was on the news, police were called but did Jack all. Every year they descend , usually around August Bank Hol, restaurants now close at a time they should be full as do pubs, the police , shackled by the leadership of PC obsessed morons are petrified to intervene , it makes me sick.

  • The MPs were talking about this Nigel and if the travellers do damage, their vehicles should be seized to pay for it.

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  • This is the whole problem, one law for us, another law for them. If we cause criminal damage, we'd have to pay for it. Until the law is applied to all, how can we say we live in a shared society, or whatever the catch line is these days?

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