May refuses to say how she would vote in another referendum

  • I'm beginning to have serious doubts both about May's heartfelt commitment to Brexit and also her ability to stand up under questioning. She's fine on set pieces normally but once a bit of pressure is put on by the questioner she sometimes seems like a rabbit caught in the headlights. All she had to say very firmly to this was " Firstly, there is not going to be another referendum, secondly how I would vote is none of your business and thirdly, I was elected to carry out the will of the people not make personal choices and that is what I intend to do."

  • I think some of the mess that results form voting today is in this need to place target genders, ethnicities, etc into hot seats. Sometimes these are dragons like Thatcher and can kick shins, but the average woman really isn't suited to the cut throat goings on in modern politics. You really need a strong man at this time to literally hoof those EU flunkies into orbit and get Britain its freedom and identity back.

    Farage was very good at this, but he is a bit of a maverick and a rebel. Perhaps for the Conservatives you need a less cheeky but just as courageous candidate. (Personally I'd like to see a male dragon get in there and foosh them to ashes with his determination not to bugger about any more.)

    Has he been born yet? ^^

  • I think Iain Dale was a prick for asking the question and an ever bigger prick for making such a big thing at a non-answer. How on earth can "If we had a second referendum, I would, as I did the last time, evaluate everything and make a decision thereafter" (or words to that effect) be declared as "May does not support Brexit"? It's utterly ridiculous, and whilst I am pessimistic over Brexit because it is clear the establishment are trying to thwart it any way they can, I do believe in human decency and think May was set up and was victim of shoddy and irrelevant journalism in this case. It'll get to the point where politicians won't go on shows anymore as journalists never ever ask questions about policies, only personal irrelevancies. For instance, Jacob Rees-Mogg went on GMB to talk about Brexit and they started hammering him down with ridiculous personal attacks about his religion and the beliefs he has because of it. Would they hammer Sadiq Khan over his religious beliefs? No. They wouldn't dare.

    Stick to the policies when interviewing politicians. I don't care about their personal opinions. I only care about what, collectively, a group of people are going to do to make our lives better.

  • The media are making a lot out of this, but its a non-story in my opinion, or at least so I thought until I saw the story about Hammond (see the no Brexit thread) today.

    We know how May voted and she repeated that in the show, but I think the point of the question was, if she doesn't believe in something, how can she do it? Up until this morning, I thought that was silly, she could easily set aside personal opinions, but after Hammond's remarks this morning, I now think this is a legitimate line of questioning against May and her majority remainer government.

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