White Widow killed. Should her son have been spared?

  • British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones was reportedly killed in a US drone strike in Syria in June.

    Jones, from Chatham in Kent, joined so-called Islamic State after converting to Islam and travelling to Syria in 2013.

    Her death was first reported by The Sun.

    Britain's most wanted female terrorist, dubbed The White Widow, has been killed in a American drone strike in June, according to The Sun.

    The Americans can't say 100% whether she was killed unless they put troops on the ground to check DNA, but they are pretty sure she did.

    The White Widow took her son to Syria where she involved him in full ISIS activities. It is reported that he has executed people. Last year his grandfather identified that the boy standing behind a load of prisoners and about to execute them in a ISIS video was his grandson.

    It is reported that her son was with her when the drone strike happened and likely he was killed too.

    Should a 12 year citizen of this country be marked for death by a foreign power? Should we allow such things to happen? Is that what we do now, go round and kill kids.

  • Would you of took him in?, a nice well rounded kid like him?

  • Would you of took him in?, a nice well rounded kid like him?

    Even if you could have rescued this kid he has been brainwashed and has seen and done such evil deeds it would take years of expensive de-radicalisation and normalisation before he could have rejoined civilised society. Death is probably the better option. (Heero ducks down)

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


  • Agree Heero. Imagine if he was put back into the normal school system, he would terrify everyone who went to his school.

    Would you of took him in?, a nice well rounded kid like him?

    I'd tell my neighbours what a nice kid he was and see if they'd have him.

    No. I wouldn't taken him in.

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