PRINCE ANDREW - is there no smoke without fire? Sex abuse of young girls allegations??

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  • No, he couldn't, but as Jack said recently and Casablanca has said in the past, has he actually done anything illegal?

    I will try and read up on this later to find out what the specific charges are against him, but being friends with Epstein, although morally coming after his conviction for child sex assault, is not illegal. And having sex with a 17 year, although morally wrong for a middle aged man to do, I'm not sure whether its illegal or not. If the age of consent is 16 over there, there is no crime. I'm assuming it's more to do with the trafficking, but I assume that the girl wasn't forced onto a plane to get to the island or New York apartment, so again, I'm not sure of the alleged crime here. (playing devil's advocate.)

  • His association with Epstein casts a long shadow over his innocence of wrongdoing. He must have had some idea of what Epstein's modus-operandi was. Of course you are correct in stating he has to be proven to be guilty of something which will be much harder especially so many years later.

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  • Andrew 'accepts' served papers in sex assault case & will 'come out fighting'
    PRINCE Andrew will “come out fighting” after he reportedly accepted the legal papers served over Virginia Roberts’ sex assault claims. The legal papers were…

    Now the fun starts.

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  • He’s a sleazy jerk and the woman is a trollop .

    What she is after is money and lots of it .

    Or maybe she wants to do a Meghan. Marry Andrew and be part of the Royal Family! Then she’ll get him where she wants him and get plenty of media attention.

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  • I couldnt care less if Andrew goes on trial in the USA or not. But if he goes, so should Mckinnon and Assange. The law should apply equally to all. It is up to the Jury to decide each case on it's merits after the due process of a trial. That is the only proper way to decide on a person's guilt or innocence

    They have decided each case on its merits, you plank. That's why McKinnon and Assange weren't extradited.


    A jury doesn't decide on extradition cases in UK. Neither McKinnon or Assange had committed any crime in UK. Why should a UK court try them...? And for what...?

    Extradition is decided as a judicial process and a number of factors are taken into account, none of which require a jury to sit in a UK court.


  • He should just claim diplomatic immunity, if it works for a American woman who goes around running down British children then it should work for a British royal who bangs gold diggers. ;)

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • She's a tart who smells easy money. It was stupid of Andrew to allegedly shag the tart but when a woman is paid to "entertain" a guest, it would have been very rude to turn down her offer. How was he to know she was 17 ?.

    I've little time for Andrew but I can smell the stench of greed and "tricky dicky" lawyers in this matter.

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