Should tax payer funded drugs be available on the NHS?

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  • Taxpayer-funded medical research is producing medicines which are increasingly unaffordable for patients who need them, says a new report.

    Campaigners claim that the NHS spent more than £1bn on drugs developed from publically funded research in 2016.

    But the UK pharmaceutical industry said the main driver of price was the value of drugs to patients.

    The BBC article goes on to describe a cancer drug that was developed in the 80s using public funds costs almost £80k for full course of the treatment. Yet, Nice reckons the drugs company could make a profit out of the drug if it were sold for £1 per pill. It's currently sold for 140 times that and as Nice are the body who decide what drugs can be made available on the NHS, they decided that this drug is affordable.

    Should private companies that are given pubic funds be forced to sell their drugs to the NHS at a lower price?

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