Patel pledges immigration cut.

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  • This must surely be the ultimate example of 'It's no good locking the stable door after the horse has bolted' ever?

    "UK government misses net migration target for 37th time in a row

    This article is more than 5 months old

    Official figures show 258,000 more people moved to Britain than emigrated in 2018. The statistics also show, however, that non-EU net migration has gradually increased over the last five years, with 232,000 more non-EU citizens arriving than leaving last year."

    This was when May was Home Secretary - no wonder she was such a loser as Home Sec. and PM. I'd like to know what she has ever got right in her lengthy career in British politics; and I'd ask the same about her best friend Hammond, who also seemed to lead a charmed Westminster life. And don't even mention Grayling! Why TF do we keep re-electing these hopeless incompetent losers?…et-for-37th-time-in-a-row

    There are none who do so much harm as those obsessed with doing good.

    People are far more more likely to believe a lie if they want it to be the truth.