James O'Brien on LBC

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  • My friends all call his his morning show Exodus as it's time to leave everyday ,such a shame after the excellent Nick Ferrari show. What a whining , self opiniated cry baby , Brexit is bad, Brexiteers are simpletons, Remainers are pious ,......... does anybody actually listen to this idiot ?

  • I am gradually rediscovering the world of radio after a long hiatus, as it helps me to have something going on in the background when I'm on this forum, or doing web surfing.

    I have heard James O'Brien before, but that was more than a year ago and I didn't think he was a problem then, but he might have hardened his stance since I've heard him, when is his show on? My discovery though, was Nick Ferrari.

    Never heard of Nick Ferrari before until someone told me to switch on LBC and what a gust of fresh air he is. He actually talks and has opinions like the "average" man, rather than the uber London liberal elite. And now he's bloody everywhere! On Newsnight, on a Sky News show and ITV's nightly politics/news roundup up show. Everywhere!

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  • O'whiner is on after Mr Ferrari,10-1, talk about chalk and cheese,the very sexy Julia Hartley-brewer is on talk radio at the same time so i listen to her .I also recommend you listen to Ian dale at 4-7pm on LBC.

  • I've heard Ian Dale, actually get him confused with Nick Ferrari as they seem to be quite similar, but don't think I've heard O'Brien yet. As Ms Hartley-Brewer has been in the news recently...:whistling: I might listen to what she's got to say too. Is Farage still doing his show, or did he sod off to America in the end?

    Is James Whale still going? He used to be on TV decades ago and then moved to radio, but not seen or heard of him in many years.

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