Tracey Ullman Breaks The News

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  • I must admit, I've barely heard of Tracey Ullman before now, knew she was British and made it big on American TV, but that was about it. Does anyone remember her?

    The Guardian has a biography on her here, but basically after a 30 year break from her mother country, she's back, and I must say, what a breath of fresh air from the usual smarmy, lefty comedians that dominate TV.

    Her impressions are brilliant, especially that of Nicola Sturgeon and dressing up as a old man to play Jeremy Corbyn - "For the Workers"!:D

    I think after a long hiatus, I might start watching a bit of normal tv again, if there are decent things to watch.

    Anyone seen this new sketch show on BBC One?

    Here's the trailer that was on a few weeks ago for the show:

    And a brilliant Jeremy Corbyn impersonation:

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