Damian Green and the decade-long feud with ex-Met officer Bob Quick

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    The decade-long feud between Damian Green and Bob Quick, now coming to a head with a Cabinet Office investigation into Green, can be traced back to a day in 2006 when a young civil servant working in Jacqui Smith’s Home Office was allegedly told by the now first secretary of state to get “as much dirt on the Labour party, the Labour government as possible”.


    The complete saga is here. If Green is forced out then May can't possibly be far behind especially as it seems there are stories circulating that if Green goes Davis will resign too.

    Jeremy Corbyn may not be PM by Christmas but he might not have to wait long after.

  • If only they could have discovered or planted porn on Theresa May's computer

    Well being a vicar's daughter I guess anything other than strict missionary qualifies.^^

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • There is the separate issue of the police here. Can they use evidence against someone but do so in a private capacity?

    I've noted that when senior retired police officers have been interviewed about this saga over the last week on tv, they have all defended police actions.

    Are the police there to uphold the law, or carry out their own political agendas?

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  • Good for Cressida Dick in condemning those retired "pigs"/"thugs in blue"

    She also said that it will be up to the CPS to decide whether to commence criminal proceedings - but her comments will hold sway

    Someone said the pigs' defence would be that exposing Green was "in the public interest". I am fairly confident a judge would respond with a carefully well crafted analysis of that defence which amounts to "pull the other one"

  • It's certainly one of the more bizarre stories to come out of Westminster in recent times. There is no question of illegality on the part of Green's actions, yet all these ex-coppers are out to get him. Good on Ms Dick indeed, these ex-coppers are being right dicks.

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