Could Brexit become the model for other European countries dealings with the EU?

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  • A "smart" Brexit deal could serve as a model for the EU's future relations with other non-EU states, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says.

    Turkey and Ukraine were two states that could benefit from the template, he told Germany's Funke media group.

    He did not see either joining the EU any time soon, so alternative forms of closer co-operation were needed.

    Quite a interesting story this one and perhaps one reason why the EU may wish a good Brexit deal with us.

    It's been clear ever since the French said they would veto Turkey joining the EU, that Turkey was always going to be outside that particular "club" even more so since Erdogan's crackdown on "terrorists" and journalists after the failed coup against him.

    Ukraine too, is another tough one. Leaving aside the fact that Russia still occupies Crimea and controls Eastern Ukraine, the country is rife with corruption and scandal, hardly a model candidate for joining the EU.

    The German minister seems to be suggesting that Brexit, if got right, could the model that other European countries use with their dealings with the EU. Is he right?

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