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  • I won't be courtesying to her or any of them for that matter!

    I see she already stamped her foot down on Harry. She vetoed his Boxing Day Christmas grouse shoot, so no more blood sports for him anymore.

    I like her already.:)

  • Talk about making yourself popular with the royals! Isn't even married to him yet. Just you wait, 'Enry 'Iggins, just you wait! She will get a prod up her commoner bottom if she begins pontificating in that region. Especially as the idiot May has just said she approves of fox hunting.

  • @Morgan I'm going to stick your post and replies in the News you didn't know you wanted to know thread.


    She either has a mental disorder or is a drug addict or both, either way prison is the best place for her, but there is a very serious side to that story.

    She preyed on vulnerable men and punched a blind man she was living with. The rows they had between them risked getting him evicted for all the noise, so as the judge said, all these vulnerable men in the town can sleep safer knowing this predator is locked up for a while.

  • It's people like her that keep Jeremy Kyle in a job.

    I hate him with a passion. He reminds of a smug Roman emperor who puts all his victims in the coliseum to fight each other while he sits back enjoying the show.

    The phrase that immediately springs to mind when I see her is " piece of shit".

    There is so much crap around, wish someone would come up with a method to get rid of all of it.

  • What's the betting that the Tories will use the shenanigans of Brexit to distract while they slip through lifting the ban on foxhunting.

    Definitely not going to happen now:

    Prime Minister Theresa May has dropped plans to hold a vote on the fox-hunting ban during this parliament.

    The Conservatives promised a vote on repealing the Hunting Act - which bans the use of dogs to hunt foxes and wild mammals in England and Wales - during the 2017 general election campaign.

    But Mrs May told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show there was a "clear message" against it from the public.

    Yes, there was a clear message Mrs May, we're not barbarians! Why did you even consider this in the first place?

    Talk about getting your priorities wrong.

    Glad this is gone. If toffs want to kill things for sport, they can do it to each other and leave the animals alone.

  • I hate politicians with a passion. They need to be renamed. Any suggestions?

    How about politicians with ...... ?

    a passion for being passionate

    a passion for septic drains

    a passion for numbered Swiss bank accounts

    a passion for inclusivity (of the right types of people)

    a passion for travelling to Third World countries like Barbados and the Maldives, to appreciate their problems

    a passion for educating one's inferiors

    a passion for men/women/badgers (delete as appropriate)

    a passion for after-dinner talks (where I do the talking ..... for a fee)

    a passion for having a grown-up conversation about the NHS at least once a week

    a passion for being perfectly clear

    a passion for Grenfell Tower victims

    a passion for buttoning my jacket as soon as I get out of the car

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  • I've heard it said that cream and garbage both rise to the surface but garbage will finally sink to the bottom

    The problem is that the garbage that has risen to the surface in Westminster is taking a bloody long time to sink to the bottom

  • An EasyJet captain and his co-pilot have been suspended amid reports they filmed Snapchat videos during a flight.

    The captain, named by The Sun as Michel Castellucci, uploaded clips of his colleague interacting with animated characters generated by the messaging app.

    I like talking on forums, which should not come as too much of a surprise as I have a forum of my own, but those of my parent's generation would probably consider such behaviour childish. I take the same view, at least some of the time, with users of social media.

    But surely there must be a cut off point between childish behaviour and acting like adult. I would've thought that flying a plane would have been such a cut off point, but clearly not in this case!

    What idiots.:S

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