Should parents stop giving snacks to their kids?

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  • KIDS will be banned from eating chocolate bars under tough new Government guidelines.

    Parents are being told to limit treats to a maximum of two 100-calorie snacks a day, ruling out Mars bars which have 230.

    Public Health England aims to halt the obesity crisis. Its chief nutritionist said it wanted to encourage “healthier snacking”.

    The government is suggesting that parents reduce the snacks they give to their kids and cut out high calories goodies like mars bars, but does this go far enough?

    With obesity rates among kids on the rise, shouldn't parents stop handing out ANY snacks to their kids and stick to three meals a day?

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  • Once again NANNY STATE steps into our lives , no mention of parental RESPONSIBILITY, let's ban sweets, should give the police a dilemma , speed camera or sweetie camera ?

    A half inch of snow and it's too dangerous for kids to go to school but shopping with mum or playing on snowy hillsides is perfectly fine, ban kids from heading balls , long jump and high jump , no wonder fat kids sit on games consoles!

  • How will they implement this, will people be encouraged to report parents they see giving chocolate to children, will the police have the powers to arrest parents that give their kids chocolate, will social services have powers to remove kids from parents that give kids chocolate?

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.