A million homes are at risk of a Grenfell-style blaze

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  • Whirlpool really have got to get their fingers out on this. Follow the link to see how to identify if you have a potentially faulty product.

    But something else staggers me with all the CE testing these days how didn't they spot this fire risk?

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  • It makes you wonder whether they actually test anything at all, doesn't it?

    They should be sued for all the fires their machines have already caused.

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  • New fears have been raised about tumble dryers catching fire, despite efforts to modify the machines.

    The BBC's Watchdog Live consumer programme has uncovered cases in which the machines have caught fire after being fixed.

    Some 5.3 million tumble dryers under the Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit brands required modification.

    There is a related story today about the dishwasher in the Grenfell fire, so I'll leave that for that thread, but why is this still going on with these faulty machines?

    The companies, especially the American giant Whirlpool, need to have American style law suits made against them for all these dangerous machines in people's homes, but why were they even given safety certificates to begin with?

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  • My mum's has already been replaced. To be honest I always thought that any tumble dryer was a fire hazard if you didn't clean the lint filter and drummed it into my kids many years ago. Slightly surprised how few people understood the importance and that only one brand group was affected.

    Even so places like Grenfell should be built with the expectation of fires from appliances so it's two different issues really.

  • Oh, was that the problem? Interesting.

    I'm the same as you Hoxton, I was taught to clean it, as obviously a build of stuff in a machine that gets hot, will have only one result.

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