America planned to share Star Wars tech with the Russians

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    Britain’s national security risked being undermined by America who considered making Russia partners in the “Star Wars” missile defence shield because Boris Yeltsin was transforming the former Soviet Union into “permanent good guys”, newly released classified documents reveal.

    John Major’s government was warned in the early 1990’s that President Bush’s administration was so impressed with the way the Russian leader was dismantling communism that they could share strategic military technology and defence systems with them.

    This is a interesting story from the Telegraph.

    Many political and military analysts, especially ones from think tanks like Chathouse House, believed that if Russia had been supported instead of ignored after the USSR collapsed, the situation the West faces today with Russia would not exist. The thinking in academic circles is that the West was too quick to declare victory after the Cold War and mock the drunken antics of Yeltsin and they believed we should have done the opposite and given him as much support as possible.

    Was the American's thinking correct here, that if they did share this technology with the Russians, it would permanently turn them to the "good" side, or was it wishful thinking?

    John Major's government wasn't happy with Bush Snr's proposed sharing of high military technology and told him so, which eventually led to the Americans discarding the idea. Who was right here, us or the Americans?

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