Hospital cuts planned in most of England

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  • Plans have been put forward to cut hospital services in two-thirds of England, a BBC analysis shows.
    The proposals have been put forward by local NHS bosses as part of a national programme to transform the health service and save money.

    They include everything from full closures of hospitals to cutting some specialist services such as accident and emergency and stroke care.
    Ministers argue patients will receive better care in the community.

    But a review of the plans by the King's Fund think tank warned they were not always credible because there were not enough services outside of hospitals.
    It warned GPs, district nursing and council care services were already "feeling the strain" and could not currently cope with an increase in workload.

    This simply cannot be allowed to happen. The 'community' cannot cope and it means more and more people are going to miss out on treatment ands suffer from neglect. I've been a Tory for most of my life but this closing of hospitals under the guise of improving patient services is an all thought out policy.

    May needs to forget the austerity as far as the NHS is concerned and either borrow more money or increase taxes to ensure that it and social care are sufficiently funded.

  • It all comes back to the central issue of social care. Sort that out and you can make cuts elsewhere, otherwise it'll be a disaster.

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  • No, that's completely the wrong approach, Morgan. You cannot keep throwing money into a black hole. It is right that more people should be cared for at home, and modern technology makes this possible.

    Efficiency is the answer, together with a system by which all holidaymakers and people coming to Britain to study or work should be required to have medical health insurance so that we don't end up paying for them as well.

    I don't know where to start on efficiency! Why do we not turn away those who turn up at A&E for non-emergencies? What are all those porters doing pushing trollies backwards and forwards with no- one on them? Why are people not fined for no-shows? The list goes on.

    The Government needs to cut the bureaucracy further and allow hospitals to manage themselves and compete against each other, free of Government dictacts.

    Protect the vulnerable and get back to work

  • Who remembers care in the community?...

    If there is a genuine change to real care "closer" to home rather than in hospitals, fine. But if hospital cuts don't morph into more clinics, more GPs etc, then we have a problem.

    And go on old boy, do start on about efficiencies! Let rip!

    I have one which I have a "little" knowledge of and that is of the private companies used as ambulances/hospital transport. They are expensive and inept. That would be my first efficiency, get rid of them all!

    On A&E, my local hospital is now trialling a scheme where they do the very thing old boy suggests. They have a senior doctor close to the entrance of A&E and he/she makes an instant decision about who can log into A&E and who can't. Errors will be made.... but at least this will stop those turning up for free medicine just for a runny nose.

    Like Morgan though, I am little cautious about everything being cut with nothing to replace the cutted back with.

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  • The technology may well be possible for caring at home but the carers aren't which is why there are so many neglected old people who rely on them sitting at home alone.

    Until they bring back things like home visits by GPs, district nurses and meals on wheels etc. they are just shifting the problems to a place where they hope it won't be seen.

    As far as A & E goes I agree to an extent. ( I was in a queue behind a man who said he had a stiff neck at an A & E reception desk one evening. When the receptionist asked how long he'd had it he answered ' About 3 weeks.' )

    One thing I do feel strongly about is that people who collapse in the street drunk and incapable when coming out of pubs, nightclub etc. should be obliged to pay the full cost of any police or medical services used.