President Trump: NHS 'going broke and not working'

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    US President Donald Trump has claimed the NHS is "going broke and not working" as he targeted rival Democrats pushing for a universal health system.

    In his tweet he also said "thousands of people are marching" about it.

    This was believed to be a reference to a Save the NHS march on Downing Street on Saturday demanding more funding for the health service.

    Well they certainly can't accuse him of lying this time can they.

  • Just seen this story myself and Jeremy Hunt and Jeremy Corbyn have retweeted him on this. Clearly, they have nothing better to do with their time.:rolleyes:

    The American health system is great, as long as you can afford it... something Trump, bolstered with millions of dollars of inherited money, never has had to worry about. For the millions of Americans on low wages or no wages who cannot afford health insurance, the matter is somewhat different for them.

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