Denmark to ban full face coverings

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  • Denmark is to join France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria in banning this medieval practice of forcing women to cover up. Should the UK follow suit? I think that certainly the face should stay revealed as how else can we be sure it's not a male suicide bomber?

    Apart from that it's a restriction designed to keep, particularly islamic, women in check.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • It always strikes me that although Scandinavian countries on the surface are liberal, scratch the service and you get something very different entirely.

    I think the full face coverings are utterly alien, but no, I wouldn't ban them in public, besides its unenforceable. What resources would the police have to go around streets telling people what to wear? It would never happen.

    I wouldn't tell people what to wear on the streets, but for those that prefer such practices, I just wouldn't let such people into the country to begin with. Stop it at source.

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  • Stop what at source? All Muslims trying to enter Britain or all Muslims wearing a burka as they come through our border or get off a dinghy? Once let in they can then wander about with a Burka. Are we really that stupid?

    Not to mention Muslims already here who are wearing a Burka or thinking of doing so. A pathetic double standard.

    As for not banning the burka in public, that's about the only place Muslims do wear a burka. It's unlikely to be worn when watching tv or cooking or having sex (perhaps with some interesting exceptions!)

    Granted, burka banning is difficult but it's do-able.

    Yet it won't happen. The meek won't inherit the earth; and they don't come any meeker than Once-Great Britain

  • My wife's sister was appalled when she arrived at Heathrow and was practically stripped searched for being South American, yet witnessed numerous Asian women in Burkhas being waved through without so much as a cursory glance from the officials. She kicked up a stink to no avail.

    That, is some kind of inverted racism.

  • That's right. If its consistent, fine, but it's not. It's political correctness for political correctness' sake.

    Do you get a lot of PC crap in Argentina, Splinter? I know its a very mixed society there.

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  • Fortunately people are still very non-pc here. Pretty macho really, very hot blooded and they love a good drama.

    Sometimes they look like they're having an argument, waving they're arms around and stuff, but they're just asking for directions to the shops or talking about the weather.

    It can be very amusing at times.

  • I was about to say that's very Mediterranean, but of course you are not in the Mediterranean!:)

    I tend to find all the Southern European countries are like that, the Spanish, Italians, Greeks etc. All like to shout and wave their hands around and make a commotion, but they all seem to get along at the end of the say, so it works for them. I put it down to being in a hot country, whereas Scandinavian countries are cool, calm, like the cool weather....;)

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