Altered Carbon

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  • A "terrorist" is shot dead and when he wakes up, he finds his mind has been transferred to another body called a skin and that's only the start of his problems... He finds out this this skin and his mind has been purchased by a very wealthy individual who now has full control of his life. In return for helping to solve a murder, he may get his freedom.

    If you're a fan of Blade Runner (the original film) this series maybe for you, as it shares some of its hallmarks. Instead of replicants, we have the minds of dead people being transferred into skins. And like Blade Runner, the setting is a future world, very urbanised and dark.

    I hated Blade Runner and so I instantly disliked this series after watching the first few episodes, but it has great special effects, action and sex, all the things that make up a good adult sci-fi murder mystery. But it seems to lack any real story, or perhaps it's just that I was disinterested in the story being told, so it's not one for me.

    There are ten episodes in this series and they are all available to watch on Netflix now.

    My rating: 5/10

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  • I was reading on another site that Netflix hopes to have 5 seasons of this season, but after watching the third episode, that's enough for me!

    It's too bleak for my tastes. Anyone else watching?

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