Will Sky and BT lose sports rights to the streamers?

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  • Sky and BT Sport have agreed to pay £4.464bn to broadcast Premier League football games for three seasons from 2019-20.

    Five of seven live packages have been awarded, with bidding for the remaining two ongoing.

    Interest from "multiple bidders" remains, the Premier League said.

    There has been speculation that online giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Netflix could have entered the bidding process.

    Sky and BT have forked out a lot of dosh for footie rights for the next three years, but will they be alone.

    Facebook has already won some sports rights elsewhere and there is speculation that they will bid for American football rights, but what about ours?

    Would you watch football if it was on Facebook and more to the point, would you pay for it?

  • Would you watch football if it was on Facebook and more to the point, would you pay for it?

    No, with a simple reason: Facebook is a data kraken.

    German, with different opinions.

    Please correct my spelling and grammar mistakes ;)

  • I agree with the comments already made.

    I don't like football anyway, but I wouldn't give Facebook my financial details. They are just one big data miner.

    It would be interesting if Facebook do start bidding large amounts of money for sports rights and win them, how they would recoup their money back.

  • Amazon grabs some premier league tv rights

    Amazon will show 20 Premier League matches a season for three years from 2019, after winning one of the final two broadcast packages.

    The online streaming service has won the rights to show every game from the first round of midweek fixtures in December and all 10 matches on Boxing Day as part of the three-year deal.

    The matches will be available free to Amazon Prime's UK members.

    In one way this is a very minor story, but in another it's the beginning of a major change in our broadcasting world and why all the big American media/telecom companies are merging together.

    In my opinion, streaming and on-demand is the future and until now Amazon has only really dabbled in the UK television market, but although this is only a small package of football matches that Amazon has got, it signals their intent. The intent being that Amazon want to be a major player not just in the UK television world, but globally. We kind off knew that already with Amazon throwing millions off pounds of dosh at Jeremy Clarkson in making a car tv show for them and Amazon also have the rights to make the Lords of the Rings into a television series.

    What this all means is the traditional broadcasters had better watch out. Like our dying high streets, in part attributable to Amazon, our broadcasters could face the same fate. Will they?

    Would you purchase a Amazon Prime sub to watch a bit of footy?

  • No I wouldn't pay for prime just to watch football, but as I have said before I have it for streaming it already has plus the next day delivery of items it offers, and if they start showing football that will be a bonus.

  • Well I would hope they keep it as it is or they have an option to opt out of the football to keep the price as it is now, having said that I might go up to £10, but there's no way I would pay £20 I would rather give up the sub.

  • Uhoh, the anti footie Nazis are off again ?.

    As a beer swilling knuckle dragging football fan I won't drop my principles and sign up to Amazon. With Virgin you get BT sport for free so I only pay for Sky, which remains the best. Thats probably enough. My daughter has Amazon anyway though so if they're showing a Brighton game (assuming they're still in the Premier) I can still watch. That's one definite benefit of Netflix/Amazon, one subscription can be used in a few places.

  • I can't see Sky allowing anyone to grab anything off of them, they would just offer the premier league more money and the premier league being the money grabbers they are will always sell to the highest bidder, and lets not forget Mr Murdoch has many friends in high places to always assure he gets what he wants. ;)

  • I have nothing against those who like football, as long as they're about ten miles from me.:P

    What if in the future Hoxton, Amazon grabbed off Sky and/or BT a major package of football rights. Would you sign up then?

    Not likely. I'm thinking of revising my boycott though. I'm a democrat at heart and it seems my vote against Amazon has massively failed, the British public is pro-tax dodging unfortunately. If I found a real benefit from them I might use them but usually I find their rivals are better.

  • In terms of delivery in my area Hoxton, they can't be beaten. I even get same day and Sunday deliveries sometimes as part of the prime subscription. As for the tax dodging, that story ain't over yet, as we're seeing with the increased pressure on the Russians and they're dubious riches being laundering in the UK.

  • Could Ch5 bid for the Champions League rights?

    BT on defensive as Sky prepares to bid for Champions League

    BT Sport’s stranglehold on Champions League football is set to be challenged as Sky prepares to enter the battle for the £1bn-plus TV rights when bids are submitted on Monday.

    CBS has reportedly sealed the U.S. rights to European soccer's biggest annual event.

    The network has American broadcast rights to the UEFA Champions League, Bloomberg says.

    It takes over from Turner Broadcasting (NYSE:T) for three years starting in 2021, in a deal now valued at $150M (up from $100M).

    CBS has just won the rights to broadcast the Champions League in America, but could they surprise everyone and do the same here too?

    Currently, Ch5 is owned by CBS' sister company Viacom, but both companies are re-merging with each other and that process completes early next month. So, could the re-merged ViacomCBS, as it will be called, take on Sky and BT and make a bid for the rights to the football themselves? They've got the dosh, if they wanted to do it.

  • We have both Sky and BT Sports but only watch Premier League matches, we have no interest in the minor leagues, championship leagues, and womens fooball

  • Just as well, because if this ends up on Ch5, they'll be tons of ads and celeb news interrupting the football.

    ITV seem to cope, they pile all the ads in before the start, at the end, and half time of matches

    Imagine if they showed them during the game, just as Mo Salah was about to kick for goal a DFS ad popped up :thumbdown:

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