May's trip to Germany

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  • Theresa May has called for a new "deep and special partnership" to ensure the UK and EU can continue to work together on security after Brexit.

    She said new arrangements in foreign and defence policy cooperation should be effective by next year.

    In a speech to the Munich Security Conference the prime minister said the UK would remain committed to Europe's security after leaving the EU.

    Mrs May has had a busy couple of days meeting Merkel on Friday, then her snow bound speech in Munich yesterday, but are we any the wiser where the government is taking us with regards to Brexit?

    The Europeans keep saying they want details, I'm beginning to agree with them!

    Will May use security as a negotiating tactic in the upcoming negotiations? It certainly sounded like she was putting that on the table and that's what Juncker thought as well with his trite comments after her speech.

    Be glad when Brexit is done and dusted!

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  • Read the Sunday Times article, Brains for Brexit. The only stumbling block that paralyses or undermines that movement is a ship of fools (HMG) captained by a retard.

  • I will do later, thanks. I'm all Brexiteerd out for now!

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  • How I laughed at Junckers comments , a really strong hand for the UK but it shouldn't be part of Brexit , yeah right , only the the EU can apparently do that!