Russian ex spies attacked on British streets

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    RT: Russian station's chocolate Salisbury Cathedral gift slammed

    Politicians in Salisbury have blasted a Russian state-run broadcaster which sent chocolate models of the city's cathedral as a festive gift.

    RT said the edible item reflected one of the "biggest news stories of the year" and was sent to "multiple" recipients in the media and beyond.

    Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury in March.

    I'm sure Putin is having a good laugh at these "gifts," they may have even been his idea. RT is controlled by Putin, so if it wasn't his idea, he certainly would've sanctioned it.

    And talking of sanctions, that's as far as its gone so far, no more action taken against the Russians for all the chaos they have done.:rolleyes: But if my memory serves me correctly, the Americans did state that more severe sanctions would be imposed on Russia, if they didn't change their ways. Fat chance of that happening.

    I'm sure the family of the lady who died in Salisbury who have had to spend their first Christmas without her, are cracking up at this latest Russian "joke."X(

    The real joke here is doing nothing and letting Putin continue his aggressive behaviour to us and others.

  • Russia behind Litvinenko murder, rules European rights court
    The former Russian spy, who became a British citizen, was poisoned in London with polonium in 2006.

    Salisbury poisonings: Third man faces charges for Novichok attack
    Denis Sergeev is thought to have been the on-the-ground commander for the 2018 poisonings.

    What I don't get with today's news of these separate but related stories, is why are they being dealt with as criminal matters?

    When foreign agents make attacks on another country as ordered by the leader of that country, that is a act of war and a defence matter, so why are we going through all this nonsense?

    Either we bomb Putin (unlikely) or just shut up about it.

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  • Well, they are criminals and the world needs to know what they did. Once convicted in absentia, any country they fly to now will be able to extradite them back to the UK to receive their punishment.

    Additionally, this will give us the moral authority to apply sanctions against Putin and take other measures deemed necessary.

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  • If they left Russia OB, I was thinking more the SAS option, rather than the "let's haul them away in handcuffs" option.

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