John Bolton appointment. Is America on a war footing?

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  • John Bolton, an ultra-hawkish conservative who rose to prominence in the George W Bush administration, will be the new National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump.

    A firm defender of American power and a confrontational advocate for wielding that strength abroad, Mr Bolton has never shied away from making his strong views known - whether from a government perch, in the pages of newspapers or from a Fox News pulpit.

    Here are five things he believes.

    He's been described as more neo-con than even Chenney or Rumsfield, but as those who recall the events of the Iraq war will know, John Bolton doesn't shy away from saying what he thinks.

    I think he is straight talking and tough, but with Putin becoming ever more dangerous and China has just crowned its new emperor in all but name, we need someone who sees the world as it is, not as it should be.

    As the article says, Bolton would like to see a strike on North Korea and Iran and tough measures on Russia, with perhaps the dismantling of the UN to boot. Don't be too surprised if some or all of these measures now happen.

    A report last night suggested that with this new appointment, Trump is forming a war cabinet, is that right? Is America preparing for war and with whom?

  • Mattis to Bolton: I hear you're the devil incarnate

    Click the link and you can hear the comment right at the end of the video as the two men walk into the Pentagon.

    With the danger that Russia poses, I'm glad Trump made this appointment.

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