Batman v Superman

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  • Saw this a few nights ago as it appeared on Amazon's streaming service. It was the extended edition with an additional thirty minutes added to it taking the film to three hours... It's a long 'ern.

    Looks like this is going down the same route as Marvel's stuff, as all DC Comic's characters in films and tv shows now will be interlinked, which makes watching sequels confusing now, especially if you miss some films from different characters, as no doubt there will be Batman and Superman storylines in other non-Batman and Superman films too now.

    That said, I enjoyed this. Yes, all the usual special effects and over the top buildings collapsing etc etc, but its actually a pretty decent backstory too. Batman blames Superman for all the destruction wrought as shown in the last Superman film and considers him a alien monster that needs to destroyed. In the meantime, Superman is horrified by Batman's vigilante justice, especially his branding of criminals he catches which leads them to being killed in prison. Result, a showdown between the two.

    No doubt, this would've be fantastic watched on a large cinema screen, but I enjoyed my home viewing of this too.

    I rate this a 7-8/10.

  • I watched this yesterday, I too opted for the extended version and really enjoyed it.

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    I like the way Wonder Woman also made a appearance too.

  • In answer to your spoiler bit Ron, yes I liked that bit too. But the problem is as with the Marvel universe, is that if you have different characters all in the same film and then those characters have their own films and tv series', you can miss storylines for some characters if you don't watch every film/show in the series.

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