Liverpool to become Hollywood of the North

  • Twickenham Studios to open Liverpool outpost

    One of Britain’s major film studios is to open an outpost in one of Merseyside’s most loved buildings as Liverpool pushes to become the “Hollywood of the north”.

    Twickenham Studios – famous for award-winning films such as Blade Runner and The Italian Job as well as more recent TV hits Three Girls, McMafia and Black Mirror – has agreed to take 8,000 sq metres space in the enormous art deco Littlewoods building, which was once home to the football pools.

    With Media City, home of the Coronation Street set, based in next door Manchester, this film studio complex could create a mini Hollywood for the North and give some much needed jobs for the region. All it needs is some sun!

    Liverpool is not entirely unknown to the media world, as it used to be the home to ITV's This Morning show when it was presented by Richard and Judy, before it moved to London. Whether this studio can attract big A list Hollywood stars is unknown, but at least with direct flights from America going straight into Liverpool's John Lennon airport, they should have easy access to the studios.

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  • A huge blaze has destroyed part of the Littlewoods Pools building, one of Liverpool's most famous landmarks.

    The roof and upper floor of one wing of the "iconic" structure were feared to have been lost after the fire took hold shortly before 20:00 BST on Sunday

    Oh dear! A beautiful building now partly destroyed.

    But as the article goes on to say, the part of the building that will become the film studios is untouched by fire, so Twickenham film studio's northern outpost plans should be unaffected by this fire.

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  • According to the Today programme on R4 this morning structural engineers say that the although the floors and roof of the West wing of the building are gone, the shell is structurally sound and that is the real historic bit.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • Liverpool really needs help with regeneration and if this building can be sorted out, these film studios might kick things off, especially if they attract other media types to the area.

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  • Maybe it is time for somewhere new in the world to become the centre of the film industry now that Hollywood's reputation has been somewhat tarnished by all the accusations of improper behaviour and whatever, could it be Liverpool, only time will tell.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • I'm sure they would still have sexual deviants and bullies in Liverpool too, though.

    You are missing something out about Hollywood though Ron, when comparing it to Liverpool. Then sun.:P That's why Hollywood is the centre of the film industy as the weather is very nice most of the time. Doesn't compare to cold, wet, windy Liverpool dockside.

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