David Dimbleby to leave Question Time. Yeah!

  • David Dimbleby is to leave Question Time after 25 years on the BBC's flagship political programme.

    The presenter, who will leave the show at the end of the year, said it was "the right moment" to go.

    The 79-year-old, who has chaired the show since 1994, insisted he was "not giving up broadcasting" but planned "to return to my first love: reporting".

    There must be something in the water at the moment. What with ITV's announcement the other day, that Peston's programme is being relegated to a graveyard slot on Wednesday evenings, Dimbleby has said he is leaving QT.

    I don't know why he is so popular. He is totally inept, ill informed and seems half asleep most of the time. He is truly someone who has traded off a family brand name. When he did the commentary for the Queen's Jubilee, he clearly had done no preparation and his monotonous commentary completely ruined the event for me. As for his tenure at QT, my comments would probably border on the illegal, but his PC "stewardship" of the programme has been a disaster. I say good riddance

    The BBC are looking for a female replacement because the previous presenters have been men.:rolleyes: Wouldn't the best person for the job be a better idea?

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  • If they can find a female, gay , Muslim veggie it will be PC box ticking heaven !

    If she's from an ethnic minority they'll wet themselves.^^ Seeing as British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain is plastered all over the BBC at the moment...

    Prepare for the programme to go downhill rapidly. (Can it get worse?)

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • Paxman might be fun. Emily Mattis would be professional, keep good order and add some intelligence without trying parade it. Andrew Neill would be as good as Mattis (particularly if you are sight-challenged) and he would add some gaiety to the proceedings. Talking of gaiety, Euan Davies would make me vomit - his his fake smarmy bonhomie, thin little jackets and his excitable infatuation with his own questions which last twice as long as the answers from a good guest interviewee - I mean, really, what's to like?

    For my money, any replaced chairman must have the guts to stop dead those panellists who interrupting one another, if necessary by pressing a button that turns off their microphone. Also, practically all of the questions to the panel can be answered initially with a yes or no or one short sentence, before expanding on the answer. Any panellist who weighs in without first stating their basic response to the question is like to burble on pointlessly and should quickly be stopped from answering and invited to think about giving a clear initial response to the question while another panellist has a go at responding. Politicians on the panel who are unwilling, unable or afraid to offer their personal opinion should have their microphone disconnected for that question. That would soon separate the men from the boys.

    In the final analysis, anyone but David Dimbleby will be an improvement. DD has an unerring tendency to interrupt a bright panellist who is saying something interesting and to the point. DD thinks his interrupted question adds sparkle to the debate but it is has the precise opposite effect, being invariably asinine and unintelligent. One other thing, unless the evening's panel are a bunch of dimwits a little less contribution from the audience wouldn't go amiss.

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