Does the UK face a No Deal Brexit?

  • Brexit: UK 'will have to face consequences' in event of no deal

    The UK will have to "face the consequences" if it opts to leave without a deal, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said.

    Michel Barnier told BBC Panorama the thrice-rejected agreement negotiated by Theresa May was the "only way to leave the EU in an orderly manner".

    He also insisted Mrs May and her ministers "never" told him during Brexit talks she might opt for no deal.

    Publicly, Mrs May has always insisted no deal is better than a bad deal.

    Well, that's why we're in the situation we're in.:cursing:

    Our beloved PM never told the EU we "might" leave without a deal. Disgusting. They knew we weren't serious about leaving the EU, so that's why they never bothered having proper negotiations, but is there time now to renegotiate, barely in mind what Boris has already said on this?

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  • What is there to negotiate? The EU have always said that they won't discuss trade until after we've left the EU. Reciprocal deals on UK/EU citizens are being agreed with each individual EU country.

    The EU have agreements with other non-EU countries re travel and transport so they cannot (should not) discriminate against the UK, and if the UK wishes to join any EU institutions we know they will want their pound of flesh, and more besides.

    The EU want (need) things from the UK, eg. our intelligence services, our market, access to fishing waters and the London Financial Centre, for example, so let the EU do the running for a change. We should also ask for our pound of flesh in exchange. Cooperation and an equal benefit is good. One sided demands and diktats are not good.

  • The 160 pages on the backstop which traps us in the customs union, would be a good place to start renegotiation, especially as Boris said he was going to do this.

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  • And to add further to the "fun":

    Brexit: MPs back bid to block Parliament suspension

    MPs have backed a bid to stop a new prime minister suspending Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit.

    A majority of 41 approved an amendment that blocks suspension between 9 October and 18 December unless a Northern Ireland executive is formed.

    Four cabinet ministers, including Philip Hammond, abstained and 17 Tory MPs rebelled, including minister Margot James, who has resigned.

    The MPs are using a Northern Ireland Bill to try and mess things up. Boris has a battle on his hands here.

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  • it's time our scumbag politicians were held to account for their lies and dishonesty.

    It aught to happen but then just about every MP would be in the dock together with the BBC.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • It aught to happen but then just about every MP would be in the dock together with the BBC.

    Setting an example would be a good start and a good lesson to those who display the same dishonesty, and who better than Osborne? Hammond is as bad, but as we haven't left yet, his dire threats and dishonesty will have to wait until after we've left.

  • Talking of the BBC, did anyone see that Panorama last night?

    Nothing we didn't already know, but still interesting.

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  • It has become very difficult to see where there is any hope for Britain today. Protest marches and anarchy is no answer when there are so many grievances and so much stupidity. How do you mend an asylum? Democracy is no solution. Its basic principle of One Man One Vote was never meant to extend to One Idiot One Vote; least of all when idiocy becomes the norm.

    I think the future of the EU could go either way, depending on the influences of its 27 member states. There is a calmness, sophistication and intelligence in the way it discussed and plans its affairs which makes Britain (aka Dis-United Kingdom) seem primitive, bellicose and self-destructive.

    I think Donald Trump's America is a comparative paradise compared with what Britain has become.

    I think the biggest question today is whether what is happening in Britain (and elsewhere) is just a an awkward phase or an increasing example of the shape of things of come. Of course one hopes it's the former but many of us fear it's the latter.

    I think the most fortunate enviable set of personal circumstance for individuals in Britain today is to be of an age where one will one will expire comfortably no later than 20 years from now and, until then, be financially comfortable enough to remain sufficiently well insulated from this unstoppable decay. During that sad-but-contented path to mortality it may still become necessary to remove oneself and one's wealth from Britain.

  • When this first started making itself clearly apparent, I thought I'd go nuts it was such a terrible prospect. But as the years grind on and the clowns get more sinister and the idiots more idiotic, one accustoms oneself to things and as various trolls hack bits off decent people who want to preserve Britain, one also comes to the same conclusions you have mentioned. :(

    There, in a mauve light of drifted lupins,

    They hung in the cupped hands of mountains

    Made of tingling atoms.- Ted Hughes

  • Yep. We plod on regardless, it's not as if we're about to get a clown enter Dowing St, is it? So, all is well...:|

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