Sky to launch & FTTP ultrafast broadband

  • After a period of uncertainty it’s today been revealed that Sky Broadband has done a new wholesale deal with Openreach (BT) to sell the operator’s range of “ultrafast broadband” ( and FTTP) services on to UK customers, which will come at a hefty price discount of up to 40%. Sky now hope to double their customer base.

    The good news here is that finally there will be another choice for large parts of the country that want fast broadband and either don't want or don't have access to Virgin Media's cable network. The bad news is that Sky will piggyback off Openreach's network rather than building a separate network of their own.

    Although Sky is about to come under new ownership once the current bidding war for Sky is completed, it looks like Sky is still following the path that Rupert Murdoch set for the company upon its inception.

    When he launched the Sky's tv service in 1989, Murdoch stated that he didn't want to own networks and thus his tv service was launched using someone else's satellites. Fast forward to today and it looks like Sky will keep following that path and use other company's networks as its about to launch ultrafast broadband.

    Note: Ultrafast broadband is essentially anything that the current Openreach/BT network cannot do which is speeds over 80mb.

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