Will China's re-education centres turn into extermination camps?

  • For decades, the Chinese government has relocated millions of Han Chinese into the state of Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur population in a attempt to passive and change the Muslim population in the outermost west of the country.

    A detailed report from the BBC talks about China's building of massive internment camps for its Uighur population. Offences warranting imprisonment range from having a picture of a relative wearing a veil on your smartphone to having a relative living abroad.

    The report believes there are least a few hundred thousand in these massive camps and possibly over a million and the camps are being extended to accommodate more people.

    The Chinese call these camps re-education centres and originally people kept in these camps only stayed there a few weeks or months, but now it seems nobody is released from them. The report believes that these camps are systemic policy by the Chinese government to destroy the Uighur identity and break up families, in effect destroying the Uighur in all but name.

    Will the Chinese government go one step further and destroy its Muslim population, especially considering the West's weak response to the Burma massacre?

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  • Turkey demands China close camps after reports of musician's death

    Turkey has called on China to close its detention camps following the reported death of a renowned musician from the ethnic Uighur minority.

    Abdurehim Heyit is thought to have been serving an eight-year sentence in the Xinjiang region, where up to a million Uighurs are reportedly being detained.

    A statement from Turkey's foreign ministry said they were being subjected to "torture" in "concentration camps".

    Considering the detention of so many people, this story is making few headlines.

    It is interesting that Turkey is putting its head above the parapet and criticising Turkey, considering that the Chinese Muslims being detained are not actually Turkish, even if there are similarities between the two groups.

    Should the UK and other western countries start to get involved in this?

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  • Should the UK and other western countries start to get involved in this?

    I can't see that it would make any difference. China does pretty much as it wants within its borders. There are already millions in "retraining" camps particularly from Christian groups.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • As long it remains at "retraining", I agree, but if the Chinese start killing these people in their thousands, then a international intervention will be necessary.

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  • China knows how to treat moslems

    MOSLEMS in China going about their day to day life are being spied on by the authorities in an unprecedented way - but Beijing says the Big Brother steps are vital to root out terrorism. The levels of covert surveillance mean millions of Moslems can barely leave the house without coming up on the Chinese secret police radar Those who fall foul of Beijing-specified social norms can be sent to detention camps, and m ore than 1 MILLION residents are already in detention centres. Internet use, spending, phone habits and even petrol consumption are routinely monitored by the authorities.

    The chinese use monitoring softwar that tracks electricity and internet use and can even raise the alarm when someone other than the registered keeper fills up a car at a petrol station - all cars in China have mandatory GPS trackers,. The Government in Beijing says the moves are necessary to combat Islamic terrorism in the Muslim majority province which is home to 13 million Islamist Uighurs. Senior China researcher Human Rights Watch Maya Wang said: “Our research shows for the first time that Xinjiang police are using illegally-gathered information about people’s completely lawful behaviour and using it against them “The Chinese government is monitoring every aspect of people’s lives in Xinjiang, picking out those it mistrusts and subjecting them to extra scrutiny.”

    The Japanese take similar (but not so extreme) measure against Moslems. These people have got the measure of Islam.

  • Good. I'm glad China is starting to get "blowback" on its actions against the Uighurs. If we don't put pressure on the Chinese now, they will just continue and the detention camps will eventually turn into death camps.

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